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  1. We all know that Jeremy Clarkson hates America, even though the whole car fan population of the world loves him. One of the things that he has hated the most about America is our supercars. Yet recently, fast lane daily announced that Clarkson thinks that the ZR1 is his favorite car (after he had his Ford GT with the broken start button right out the factory). In a failed attempt to find the clip of him testing it, I have searched the internet with no luck. I was wondering if anyone in knows where to find the video (I'm just not going to fly to the UK).
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  4. Also, he doesn't hate America. He hates AmericaNS... subtle difference.

    Loves the geography, hates the inhabitants.
  5. Actually, are you SURE your referring to him or is that YOUR personal feelings at the matter at hand, MFC???
  6. Just a matter of paying attention, really.
  7. He just hate American cars.

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