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    I like the NSX and I like the 03' Cobra.
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    very well put,those lame ass import fans need to read this.

    the numbers of greatness
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    thats the gayest thing i read american muscle helping imports ok ok i can see where u are goin but geez i know for a fact i will not help any rycer at all i mean a 400 hp muscle car could kill one instantly so here is my perspective jap is crap and all they want to do is waste valuable i repeat VALLLLLUUUAAABBBBLLLEEEE money and wast 100 grand for nothing look at the better stufff u could buy i mean even an american car won the sport compact car of the year doesent it feel weird an american car taking the rank as no 1 even motor trend thinks an american muscle car should be king of the road and now look at the new and more porerfull american cars like the dodge neon str-4 who won the sportcompact car car of the year these are all basic reasons why american cars are better than those chep cars who only run the quater of th mile 15 sec+ take that in to concideration u dont want to waste 100 gran to take 5 or more sec on a import would u and i know i wouldnt waste that money for me i would buy a 1250 hp salean mustang for 80,000 now that is cool
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    Kudos to you AmericanHP

    Although I happen to be one of the VERY few who think the NSX isn't overpriced in looking at everything that goes into it, I agree with you wholeheartedely on EVERYTHING else, and it's almost exactly what I was going to say...until I read your reply.

    Now Demon 187 - this is for you: Car & Driver (at least I think it was Car & Driver... I'll post the link in a bit, I don't have time to find it right now.) tested a number of cars on the drag strip about a year ago, the NSX-T beat both a Camaro SS (though surprisingly lost to a Firebird - being the same car with a different body, you'd think the Camaro should have run faster as well) and a Mustang Cobra in the 1/4. Now, the NSX is certainly not designed for the strip, however, considering it beat two blisteringly fast American cars with much more power that ARE designed for the strip, it would certainly be foolish to say the NSX is slow.
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    Not Car & Driver, Popular Mechanics...sorry.

    First off, notice how the Cobra is almost .5 sec slower than the NSX? so much for your theory. Also notice how the NSX (which again is NOT a car designed for straight line acceleration) achieves a run of 13.17, would you honestly call that slow??? r u a glue victim?? you'll NEVER run a 1/4 time that comes within 2 seconds of that, so who the hell r u to call the NSX slow?

    BTW - if Honda's are so unreliable, then that must not bode well for North American vehicles, seeing as Honda's are consistently rated more reliable than ANY North American Manufacturer. One example: it took me the lesser half of ONE day to blow the engine, wreck the front struts, and bend the axle of a Ford Festiva, meanwhile I've pushed my Civic harder and have been rally racing it for 2 years now, still running at full compression, few repairs (the majority of which were replacement of the tires).

    BTW - You ARE wrong....period.
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    Quote from SeansVette
    This is directed toward Ford, GM and Dodge fans. Please take the time to read this, even though it's long...

    American performance cars have a long and proud history. While you're all trashing each other, jap-import fans are trash talking ALL OF US. You seldom see Nissan fans bashing Hondas or Toyotas, and visa versa. They don't know the joy of a pavement shredding V8 that roars like a beast from hell. They don't know the proud history we have created long ago. Mopar Hemi, Shelby Cobra, Yenko Camaro, GT40, the JUDGE, Corvette L88! Countless cars like these make me proud to be American. I don't mind so much if people LIVING in other countries don't appreciate our cars. What I have a BIG problem with is American kids being brainwashed into disliking American cars. Two nights ago some kid asked me about my beater car (a Mitsubishi Lancer OZ). He was actually impressed and asked me about performance mods! I ended up in a conversation with him about japanese cars (for race) vs American cars. He asked me what I suggested, and I gave him some (domestic) ideas in his price range. In the end he admited that domestics aren't "cool" with his friends, and he'll probably buy a Civic and modify it. He didn't say anything bad about Mustangs or Camaros. I even suggested the SVT Focus (since FWD I4 compacts seemed to be his style). Still, no can do. It had to be Japanese to be COOL. Nevermind the fact that not ONE single Honda can beat the SVT Focus without paying a lot more. The jap-import craze is without logic. It's all about being IN with the import crew.

    Now here's the point to my story (finally). Any reasonable person can see there are strong points to all of the American (big three) car makers. Stop bashing each other and helping the r1ce burners. This only diminishes our proud history, and it diminishes our present/future accomplishments. If you're a Chevy fan and some sushi burner trash talks the Mustang, put him in his place. If you're a Ford fan and someone bashes the Viper... well, you get the idea.


    You say that jap fans are trashing domestic fans like it doesnt happen the other way around. The fact is that there are @ssholes on both sides, so dont make it seem like it's just the jap car fans. Don't get me wrong, I love american muscle and know how awesome it is to shred pavement with one of them, and I love jap imports just as much. But u guys just gotta stop with this american vs jap bullshit. The fact is that jap car companies focus on more technology and less displacement, while american companies gun for alot of displacement. there are reasons for that.

    Jap cars cant be made more than 280 hp in the factory. Instead of having as much disp. as they're aloud to make, they use computer technology to give the same power with less liters and better gas mileage. theyre also making improvements on the handling of their cars(I drove the new accord and it corners like mad).

    American cars have more disp. because it's less expensive. Why do u think there are more mustangs on the road than supras. its cause they cost less. This gives an average person the opportunity to own a sports car at an afforable price.

    They both have good reasons for why they make their cars the way they do, so cut the sh!t with the car stereotyping.
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    Wrong wrong wrong so f^cking wrong. Japanese cars can make whatever hp they want. That is so f^cking wrong it makes me want to punch somebody it the balls. Why my god why do people still say that???
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    Yeah, but on the modifiers can, like veilside and greddy, thats why I said out of the factory. and if im wrong then give me some proof and ill believe u.
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    ok, heres proof that i just found.

    "...Because of Japanese rules and regulations the engine could not be upgraded from the 280 bhp..."

    I got this from, go to this site

    Its at the begining of the second paragraph under the pics. sry i didnt give proof that im right on my first post.
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    LOL stupid jap cars. they normaly tuned can and never will be able to compete with american or eu cars.
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    i dont think u understand, theyre made to be tuned because they cant make them that powerful at stock. and what do u mean they can compete, i bet u got nuthin to back that up.
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    Mother F^cker, they can make whatever HP they want in stock form. It was a gentleman’s agreement, not a law to keep them at 280hp, but all they did was underrate them at 280hp. And now look, cars like the WRX STI are getting is that possible if you can only have a stock car having 280hp? Yeah that's right, because there is no f^cking law saying you can’t. The 300zx, the supra and many others never listened to that stupid agreement, and they came out a long time ago with more then 280hp (around 320hp each). Now stop posting until you are actually informed about the subject you are spitting out of your ass.
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    The STI in Europe and Japan will still have about 280hp, that "agreement" really only applies to cars sold in Japan.
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    A quote from Getaway in Stockholm 3 (an illegal film in which the driver travels at speeds in excess of 170mph on City streets, taunting and evading police) for you: "The car used in this film was a true two-seater sports car - the NSX, a car capable of beating just about anything around a track" That from VERY experienced professional Racers in EUROPE. Cars used in Previous Getaway in Stockholm installments: Porsche 911 Carrera GT (modded to about 400hp), Toyota Supra (modded to about 450hp), and an Escort Cosworth (you know how much power it has).

    With access to a LOT of money (hell, there were three private helicopters involved in the filming), and just about ANY car they want (one of the bonus clips on the DVD includes someone driving the tires off a Lambhorghini Diablo, another a Viper GTS, and A corvette C5 - very heavily modded), and yet they seemed to consider this car one of the best choices....hmmm kinda makes you wonder why they would choose a tuned NSX over many "better" choices.

    Point is, don't be a jackass, you know damn well that Japanese cars can compete (and often dominate) with cars in the same class. They just take a unique approach.
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    Yes but it's only an agreement, not a law, and a lot of cars have broken that agreement.
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    I wasn't arguing that it's a law, I was simply pointing out that while you say the STI is getting 300hp, the truth is actually that the STI is remaining at approx. 280hp, while a new version of the STI will also have 300hp.
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    Who would buy a Camaro over a WRX Sport Wagon? I would for one! and there are thousands more people who would do the same. And i am a Mustang guy! American cars r the greatest. just stop being stubborn and realize that. And why the heck would i want to race a wagon? Bad example, since wagons are just about the ugliest cars ever made.

    Father: C'mon guys, get in the car. We're gonna go race!

    Son: With a wagon?

    Father: Of course. Our wagon can beat all the Mustangs, Camaros, Vipers and Corvettes with our 2 liter engine.

    i dont think so.
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    Oh Christ Almighty Above save us. You people have go to get over your sickening patriotism, It makes me cringe. There are so many cars that are better than American cars. American cars are not the best. If the strict restrictions were taken off Japanese manafacturers American cars would be ripped apart because Japanese manafacturers would be making unbelievable numbers from 300CI blocks, in HP, milage, torque, management, reliability etc. I am one who loves displacement but in Japan its less of what the case is in America, stick a huge V8 under the hood and charge it, theres no real advancement in technology there. Where as the technology in Japan replaces diplacement and does it damn well. Most of the worlds amazing cars come from the east(Skyline Supra etc) or Europe(McLaren F1). Don't get me wrong I love the roar of a massive displacement V8 shaking the pavement but Japan makes better cars with less numbers. I know alot of you patriotic American car lovers are stubborn but you have to give the Japanese much more respect than you do. They produce great performance and potential for so little money, its excellent.
    It may be great getting big numbers out of your 'Chevy 454 V8 big block' but getting 1000+bhp out of a inline 6 2.5L is a whole lot more impressive.
    Please recognise there are other cars in the world than American ones and it quite a few cases are better. There are things better than having the biggest blocks in the world (i'm not he one to talk)
    It hurts me to see some of you delude yourselves. I could go on but I can't think of other reasons to rant on at the moment but i'm sure theres more...

    No offense intended, if it offends anyone its not intentional.
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    NOBODY broke the agreement.

    It shows how little you know about the Japanese culture, the agreement itself, and Japanese sports cars. No wonder you hold such blind never bothered to find out.

    What's even better is that a new Nissan Maxima (a family sedan) has more balls than your GT. But Japanese cars are underpowered......
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    I would like to see the timeslip of a Maxima running faster than a 13.7 (mustang GT time) on the 1/4th
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    Your missing the point.

    A FAMILY oriented "Jap Crap" Sports Sedan has more Muscle than an American Sports Car most Americans call a Muscle car.

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    The Maxima is also more expensive.
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    and costs over 5,000 more? compare it to the Mach 1, which is in its price range.
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    This quote is worse:

    "Instead of having as much disp. as they're aloud to make, they use computer technology to give the same power with less liters and better gas mileage."

    Wrong wrong wrong so focking wrong. As specific output (HP/L) increases, fuel economy decreases. Japan's 4 banger sports care engines, like the Honda S2000, drink more fuel than a Corvette V8. The Japanese cars that are economboxes and do get the good fuel economy are FAR from performance cars.

    The STi and lancer Evo VIII follow this same trend. As you start to squeeze more and more power out of small displacement engines, they begin to lose fuel economy rapidly.
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    The NSX is overpriced.

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