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    the only reason ppl like jap cars is cuz of the fast and furious and other shit like that. all their nip cars and engines making them look like their all that but when they r really just overpriced sports cars with stickers on them and chrome rims on them. so all u lil posers with jap imports that think u got a "fast" and wicked car u can just kiss my ass cuz my 72 Duster will own ur asses in a race and for looks.
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    you are what gives american car fans a bad name.
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    Wow, what an intelligent comparison, using the Highest class Corvette against the lowest class 911, and NSX. Are you slipping Guibo?
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    Class relates to the cars performance class, not price class.

    GM sacrificed quality in order to provide a higher performance car for less, it would be cheating to compare it to a car in a lower performance class just because it's better quality, resulting in a higher cost. That's essentially the same as comparing a GMC Envoy to the Mustang SVT Cobra just because the GMC Envoy is in the same price range, but we all know it would be a retarded comparison because they are in entirely different performance class, it's the same sort of thing, only on a different level.

    BTW - I dunno about Mosler's origions (Personally I think they're not what they're cracked up to be), but I know that the Viper was designed by Lamborghini (Dodge paid them to design it), Saleen has European origins, and the Ford GT was designed by a guy from Lotus.

    The GT is allright, but pales in comparison to a lot of other cars.
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    the GT's suspention was designed by a guy from lotus, but for the most part its all built/designed in the US.
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    Is it just the suspension? I thought the Chassis was designed by them as well.....oh well, still a lot of it that relates to handling.

    The suspension for the Isuzu Impulse was also tuned by Lotus
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    Suspension- Lotus
    Chassis/steering- SVT, with some parts from other cars in Ford's parts bin [Vanquish]
    styling- Ford
    Engine/tranny- im not compleatly sure, but I think it was Roush
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    I don't know who the #$%# you are but you have no business being on this site or breathing the same #$%#ing air that human beings breath. You are the biggest prick that I have ever encountered and now my blood is boiling!!! I don't give a #$%# about you or how you care about George Bush, that is your opinion but to say #$%# America, The Two Towers are gone forever... Ha Ha Ha, That is way out of line. If you weren't some pussy sitting behind a computer, I would try to find you and stomp your #$%#ing ass! You have no respect for life or yourself... You are a weak minded individual that was probably #$%#ing in the ass by your daddy or your uncle when you were a little kid and now you hurting inside Boo #$%#ing Hoo, Cry me a river... Nobody #$%#ing cares... You are probably a miserable little #$%# who sits home and beats your dick to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy... You take for granted the Liberties that American have given this world. You would probably be standing in line for 2 days for a #$%#ing loaf of bread if it wasn't for people like me who fought for this country...

    You sleep under the blanket of freedom we (America) provide (s)!!!
    -U.S. Marines
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    For Those of you who don't know why I'm so pissed off,

    Please go to Page 2 of this forum towards the bottom of the page, someone wrote this...

    And I quote:

    " Too late to be proud of being American.You have stupid Bush who doesn't know nothing and also you are LOSERS your cars are soooo slow they need a big V8 engine with only little hp to moove by the way the twin towers have gone for ever.............hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha.All of you are so Vlachs!My condolences of you being american! "

    This person's Account name is rs4man...

    Please take the time out of your busy day and Sh!t on this person every chance you get...

    Thank You!
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    Look, I'm here to talk about cars... Not to bash other countries and talk about there loss of life... I'm a new member, I Love American cars but I perfer Cobras... Probably since my family are all Ford fans and over half my family have retired from the Ford Plant in Virginia building trucks for the last 30 years... That is why I'm on this site for Cobras...

    Anyway, I was reading this forum and got to page two and this person came out of nowhere talking about how America sucks and we deserved the loss of life of 9-11-2001... Well that made me blow up! And all three of my entries have been to get this person banned from this site... I know people read these and nobody has said anything except me...

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    Well, perhaps they didn't deserve it, but they did provoke it.

    And America has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to improve the living conditions of anyone other than the fat cat beurocrats in parliament, and running corporations.
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    Oh yeah, Americans deserve the disdain the majority of the world has for them.
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    Well, I don't think that your last comment really rates an answer... It pretty much shows your stupidity about the world and politics so I'm going to ignore your last two posts...

    Defending what I said before... I don't care how you feel about America, this is a forum about cars and that person had now right to say what he or she did... Alot of people lost there lives on 9/11 and that is pretty cruel to make comments like that.

    I don't know what country you are from or that other person who wrote the post but I assure you that I don't get on here and tell you how #$%#ed up your country is. No one is perfect...
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    Oh really? Look, I just tell it like it is, and perhaps you should do a little research before you say that's "stupidity about the world and politics" It's pretty much as I said it is, I'm not saying it to be mean, that's just the plain and simple truth. Sometimes the truth hurts.
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    Look man, I'm not going to fight with you... I've spend 8 yrs. defending this country, Truth or not, I'm not going to let somebody like that other asshole I was talking about say something like that about the US.

    I'd rather talk about cars...
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    Alright, we'll just leave it at that then.
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    EXCELLENT post man. MAD props to you.
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    Folks, I'm an old fart in Hot Rodder terms at the ripe old age of 47 but the import trend is a bit different in the Northwest. Kids up here seem to appreciate cool iron no matter where it came from. I took my '03 Cobra out to where the kids hang out and was asked to join their racing club, along with a late model 2500 Lb. 400+ HP RX-7 that was pushing 30 Lbs of boost. We are gonna match up when it dries up around here. I fully expect to see his tailights unless he screws up. It's kinda hard to overcome a 1,100 Lb. weight penalty but who cares? I just wanna see it run. Anyway, the kids up here love any hot cars but buy import because it's what they know. It's taken Detroit too long to figure out what's going on and the road to catch up is gonna be long.
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    Kudos, good post.

    it's quite similar around here too.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it agian.....I have nothing against imports at all. If that's what you want to drive go for it. However, the reasoning behind my dislike of young import drivers, those being between the ages of 16 and 21, is a little deeper than just the fact that I drive an american car. I do agree that American car fans should be a little more supportive of their heritage and the near wipeout of all muscle cars in the late 70's and early 80's. If it wasn't for the developement of certain electronics and emission systems the muscle car would have died out and who knows what we'd all be driving. Around where I live there are a lot of old muscle car gear heads with something going on under the hood every weekend or just a local swap meet going on in the town square. The import craze has been creeping into my little town and it's really starting to burn some of us muscle car guys.

    This is not because we dislike imports. Just the drivers. Now I'm not saying that all import drivers are like this. On this message board I have seen a large number of intelligent import guys who genuinely know what they are talking about. However, around my town all we get is a bunch of kids who believe that body kits and mufflers make a car fast. Then, when challenged they either back out or come up with some trash talk about why they are unable to race us. Whats worse is one of these kids died during a local street race and took another guy with him.

    Not to be depressing but this is how it went. Just a few miles from where I live there is a two lane highway that is perfectly straight and level for at least two to two and a half miles. One night we all gathered out there and just started doing our usual racing. The police were there but they were cool about it as long as no one was hurt and we made sure that safe practices were observed. They even let us use their radar guns to clock the speeds. Well, here come the imports from behind us and before we know it their pulling up behind us and talking trash about our cars and being all around completely annoying.

    Finally, one of our guys challenged one of them after hearing enough claims. What happend next is just sickening. This guy had a slighltly modified Mustang GT with a FIPK and cat-back. The other kid had a Civic with a body kit and muffler and a K&N filter. This is what happend from my point of view where I was watching. They launched and at just about the 1/8th mile the guy in the Mustang missed third gear at which point the kid in the Civic swerved over to the other lane hard and tried to get in front of the Mustang for whatever reasons he had. However, he overcorrected and spun 180. The guy in the Mustang couldn't stop in time after getting back in gear. Upon impact the Mustang had enough force to flip over on top of the Civic and both drivers were killed on impact. After that we couldn't street race anywhere and now even so much as taking off too hard at a stop light can get you a ticket.

    Now like I said I am not condemning all imports drivers. But I do take a dim view of some of these younger kids who believe that they are fully capable race drivers as soon as they get their license. I am definately not saying that I am a fully seasoned racer either. I'd classify my self as a competent racer and I still have a lot to learn. All my racing is now done at the dragway about thirty miles from where I live so don't bother challenging me on the interstate.

    Now, to those who drive imports. If you have legitimate cars you know what you are doing and you can accept the fact that people have different tastes in autos, hats off to you. I have a few friends who drive imports and have modified them but they know the limits of what they can and can't do. The topic of this whole message board is right. Stop bashing everyone else and be happy with what you have. If your even more passionate about it, support your heritage and let people who challenge it know where you stand. I do in every car disscusion. But please be safe about it.

    Carry on fellow enthusiasts.
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    Wow, where in hell do YOU live? Those are some frikken awesome cops, letting u use their radar guns. Out here in LA i hear lots of cases of imports runnnig into lightposts. Just like you said, young pussies who act like they have testerone not realizing that racing around the block in a RECKLESS way can hurt you. About a year ago, a honda accord was doing like 90 on the freeway, family of 4 inside. They somehow spin out and go right into a lightpole, all four died. The truth is (from actually experience that i know of) that though MODed imports MIGHT be fast, streetracing is still a dangerous activity, no matter how good a driver you think you are. That goes for american cars too, but Im mentioning imports specifically cuz ive only heard three cases of Mustangs getting in speed-related crashes and only in two of them have people died. In one, a Mustang GT convertible went off a banking on a highway and flipped over, killing like either 2 or 3 people inside. In another case, two mustangs were dragging, but an Expedition was going the opposite way and only one of them swerved out of the way of the Expedition, so only one Mustang was technically "involved" in the crash.

    Street racing out here can also get you in some deep sh**. Just watching a street race can get u arrested. The cops out here are real strict, strict enough to actually ENDORSE drag strip racing. i live about 2 miles from a 1/8 mile strip (sadly not a 1/4 mile). Then i think there's a 1/4 mile about 20 miles from where i am. So there are alternatives to street racing which are safe.

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