American cars are cool

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  1. hey, it's true. but so is this S2000, i have to admit. probably the only r*ce i'd drive, and i'm a die hard domestic guy. i'd really love to see this thing get 2 4cyls combined to make an 8 (obviously a little more complex than superglue, but u get the idea) 400hp would not be unreasonable, and the car would not be much heavier. at least a V6 would be nice. like the NSX-t's or something. i have to admire this much power from a 4cyl tho. truely a work of art and engineering. american 4's have nothing on it. i fear the day when i meet one of these with a nice, 400hp V8 stuffed in it. that would be the first japanese road car i've ever seen.
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    Just because a 2 liter I4 has 240 horsepower doesn't mean a 4 liter V8 would have 480. It just doesn't work that way. The 240 horsepower is achieved by reving it out to 9000 RPM, which is much more difficult to do with a large V8.
    And larger displacement does not automatically mean more weight. There are many examples of high displacement, low weight cars. Plus (in most cases) the power gains from larger displacement more than compensates for the added weight.

    The S2000 is a great car for what it's meant to be. It's a lightweight roadster that has moderately decent power, and fabulous handling. But it's not a threat to most high-powered V8s, especially those in the same price range.
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    He understands that, that's why he said 400hp, not 480!
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    Type R can suck my Fucking Cock.
    I have a Chrysler Town&Country Mini Van that could Fucking
    smoke any Honda. **** you *****.

    Ferrari Rules
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    in ur dream boy.
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    It's still a very big assumption. The 2.0 S2000 has 240 horsepower. The 3.2 liter NSX has 280 horsepower. So if Honda made a 4.0 liter it would have 400 horsepower?

    I know Honda is capable of making 4 liter 400 horsepower car. But so is every other car maker on the planet. The question is, can they produce one at a reasonable cost that meets emissions requirements in all 50 states?

    Ford has already nearly done that, using forced air of course. The $35,000 4.6L Cobra has over 400 (real) horsepower.
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    Yes they can produce one, for example, the Honda Dualnotes' powerplant. Sure that car may cost a lot, but not its engine, as Honda already mastered the Hybrid tech.
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    you are right man.
    but if you notice why do honda needs to make a V8?
    the dont, the seld perfectly nice, the make perfect cars, they go as fast as you want and they dosn't weight more than 3k pounds.
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    american cars are all shit
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    But it's not the engine?? Can you give us a breakdown of how much cost went into each component? If you can't, you have no place to say it's not the engine.
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    Honda has plans for using the hybrid system for its future cars, say the NSX, and Legend. COme to this site for more details:
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    normal Japanese cars aren't rixed, and a lot of tuned japanese cars ain't rixed either. you mainly see rixed cars in america, and usually owned by ******* or something of the sort... think of that, it's not Japanese who make the most rix in their car. It's just ppl who make their car all show no go or even no show no go...
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    well the new s2k might have a v6
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    I do not want to see a V engine in this car. What I really want to see is a 3.0 liter I-6 with 330 hp. I-4's are cool but I-6's are perfect. I really like the I-5's by Audi(1995 Audi RS2 Avant) even though thats wierd to have an odd number of cylinders. V engines are overrated. You can push the same power in an I-6 that you can in a V-8. The I-6 will last longer, and be less likely to fail at the same time. They will also get WAY BETTER gas mileage. This is due to LESS MOVING PARTS. V engines guzzle gas faster and wear out quicker. I don't know about you but I don't want that. Go ahead and love your V-8s that fail at 150,000 miles but I'm sticking with I-6's thank you.
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    But it's harder to put a I6 in this car becuz I6 takes up more space than V6 and I4.
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    V6 would be fun in this car, but it will totally mess up the weight, which is one of the best advantages of S2K.
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    this is a great car but don't forget the WRX is another AWESOME jap car. MY FAVORITE JAP car at that. but this is another car made by the japs this is not a piece of crap.
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    Why'd you hate civics that much?
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    I know, Civics are great cars.
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    HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY ........ CIVICS are affordable,reliable family cars ........ not race cars

    i'd like to see a 2002 s2000 and a 2002 mustang gt race LOL
    the shitty honda would get slamed back to china!!!!!
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA honda HAHAHA NSX HAHAHA they make me laugh

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    american cars are cool but honda makes technology in their cars as well as power my family has a stock civic and a stock mustang nothing special so we decided to raceone day and the stang unfortunately got its ass kicked why the civic is a hell of alot lighter thats one thing honda was goin for and dont #$%# with the nsx it being american made by ACURA a honda company
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    Ah but V's are physically smaller and physically lighter than I6's. A ford 302 weighs about as much as a Toyota 3.0, and you are getting an extra 2 liters of displacement. (Please not that the weight is also contributed to the OHV vs the DOHC). The V has several advatages over the inline, depending on what you want the engine to do.
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    I6 is smoother, more powerful and quieter than V6 though, so there are both positive aspects and neg. aspects.

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