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  1. So I'll be visiting my brother in Seattle on April with my dad. We want to make a 5-6 days roadtrip outside of Seattle. Dad's already been to California and some of the parks.

    We would really like to drive north to Vancouver and see some Canadian Rockies. Any suggestions on where to go and what weather should be expected in early spring? If it's too cold/all frozen up we might have to pass.

    Yellowstone is another option, but that means spending a lot of the time just getting there, plus it's probably still all frozen up in April.

    Any suggestions/hunting cabin invites?
  2. Go and see ESP, and AA/Honk/pingpong
  3. I'll be in the Issaquah area, if anyone wants to come pick me up for a beer :D
  4. I would but I'm 4000km away
  5. Continental distances. :)
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  8. If you make it up to Canadia let me know. I can tell you where to go depending on how far you want to travel and how long you'll be in our great white north.
  9. Canada is our top priority for now, but we might have to rethink if it's too cold and snowy - we're not built/equipped/used to that. I know Vancouver is pretty mild and we can just go into the Rockies from there and go back to where it's safe. I'm totally open for suggestions.
  10. April kind of has the potential for anything up here. It's kind of a play it by ear time of year. There is a lot of cool stuff in the greater Vancouver area to see that you could fill up a week very easily.
    If you want to really see the rockies you'll need to drive for awhile. about 6 hours from Vancouver and you are right in the heart of them. About 3 hours and you are in the Okanagan Valley. Which is our wine and orchard region (where I live)
    There is so much to do in BC depending on your interests. but BC is very large. so driving is to be expected
  11. Make sure you don't get killed by all the hippies
  12. We're going to want to see Vancouver, you know, landmarks and different views and whatnot. Other than that, I want to see nature - alpine views and some snow, because I've never experienced that full power. Perhaps find some place to hike. I'm into great food and drinks and that's very important for me. A boat ride might be nice. I'm assuming the closer you are to the ocean, the wetter the weather and milder temps.
    Nothing too wild, though, because we're still city dwellers from the desert and my dad is almost 70.
  13. its going to be green there
    is there green plants in israel seems like its mostly brown and tan
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  14. Israel is like California. Just sand and rocks
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  15. Last time I was in Seattle it was so dry that people were dying their lawns with paint.
  16. much of california is desert but weve got forests! california is a lot of brown and dark green/brown.
    there was a week where it rained here and I loved it. it looked like I lived elsewhere, with all these rolling green hills
    now they are back to cali brown

    pretty much surrounded by this wherever there isnt water
    I like when it looks like this
  17. Vancouver Island is another option worth considering. It's pretty rad out there. But the drive from Van to Whistler is decent, and beyond Whistler is pretty beautiful too. Also the drive east from Van.

    If winter lingers and you don't fancy it, pop down to Portland and head inland into Oregon. Absolutely beautiful state.
  18. If you're looking for sight seeing/stuff a 70yo city dweller can handle, you might look into a float plane charter. Not sure of the prices in Vancouver but SE Alaska tours are like $200/person for 1.5 hours, less for shorter tours.
  19. Israel is like a shrunken California when it comes to climate. Some forests, more desert and you get more rain as you go north.
  20. Oregon is an option too. I hear Portland is a good foodie's destination. But what else is there to see there?
  21. Who the fk does that
  22. Looks really sensible & environmentally friendly.
  23. It just slightly ignores the problem of yellow lawn leading to dead lawn and dead lawn can't be painted.
  24. A bunch of pretentious hipsters. Assault by fixie bike. Pot.

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