An evening of poetry

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by AutoX, May 4, 2016.

  1. I Once spent much time on this forum,
    Gifting words (but to many my scorn.)
    If I did give offence,
    For your recompence: **** yourself the um ending was a bad choice for a Limerick anyway and for that I feel mighty forlorn(m)
  2. I used to try .
  3. Also if someone could give me the TL;DR of the last five years that would be grand.
  4. This is for Haikus.
    They are always funniest;
    moreso than poems.
  5. haikus are poems
    thought this was a haiku thread
    much disapointment
  6. I suppose they are.
    Poems are different sometimes.
    Five more syllables.
  7. nice save on line three
    I also had that problem
    its been a while
  8. I think the last 5 years has consisted mostly of people leaving, until recently when people started coming back.

    Site changed hands in December and took 4 months to switch to this new layout. Personally, I love it. The plan is to grow the site at least back to where it was, but with much more of a social media presence.
  9. Bad poetry? Oh noetry.
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  10. My Haiku skills wane
    in the presence of greatness.
    Auto X wins these.
  11. I can't remember
    keywords to find my poems
    about a robot
  12. You are all busted
    I saw you using fingers
    counting syllables
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  13. I'm happy haikus
    don't have many syllables.
    No need to use feet.
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  14. completely false that
    I didn't use my fingers
    was using my chin
  15. There's a guy who can't
    He likes to get rear-engined
    Just like his dad's car
  16. that is a good line
    I like the term rear engined
    going to use that
  17. Mom's Spaghetti
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  18. I like big butts and I cannot lie,
    you other brothas can't deny,
  19. I use to post lots hear but left,
    But my Limerick skills are still deft,
    I do say so myself,
    And **** er'ryone else.
    Don't lie cuz I know your impressed.
  20. There is a guy who thinks we are dicks
    For writing haikus instead of limericks
    But say what you will
    About craft or skill
    But that Irish shit's for the special olympics

    la la la la la la

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