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  1. so i know this girl who wants me to do her in the ass. ive never even #$%#ed around with her [was really close one time but i was dating her best friend] but thats besides the point

    ive never done this before. sooooo any suggestions? warnings? ... how was it?
  2. Just pray you don't pull out a plum.
  3. Has she done it before?
  4. Use a condom, use lube, and #$%#ing go for it. Anal is #$%#ing awesome.
  5. You need a lot of lube, but after #$%#ing her ass, make sure you take out the condom and flush away.
  6. def use lube

    3 degrees warmer and no babies - can't go wrong
  7. no... which is why i was so shocked. the only way i know its for real is cause shes been looking for a #$%#-buddy and the sexual tension with me and her always has always been like woah.
  8. It's even tighter/warmer than a vag so it feels phenomanal. You will need lube though, and I find that it's painful getting in because of how tight it is.
  9. But don't do it with a stranger slut, she might have hiv for her slutty ness, and anal sex=blood more than frontal sex.
  10. take photos btw.
  11. Haha, this reminds me of last april.
  12. im not a fan of taking photos of the act, but if i catch one of the gaping hole ill let you know
  13. I owe you one.
  14. do i like, prep the ass or just shove that guy in there? perhaps in the shower would be a more prefered location for the DIRTY business
  15. ive knocked on the door. ill go in one of these times
  16. When I do anal, I usualy ask her to lie on the bed, usually shower is too dangerous for me, I don't want to slip while my cock is inside her, that might break my man hood. But if you are strong enough, go for the shower.
  17. doesn't appeal to me.

  18. Plus, you wouldn't want your lub to get washed off in the shower right?
  19. nah ive got my stability with the shower-kinky, gotten fairly proficient in the shower. i started off slow, but pretty soon my efficiency experienced a surge, im forcasting a peak run-time increase of 150% by third quarter
  20. ive considered this, partly why im asking. well if i dont get water based, it shouldnt rub off quickly right?
  21. In theory, I guess so.

    If you are really horney and in the moment, nothing, not even washable lub can get in the way.

  22. im sure the chick im #$%#ing in the ass screeching in pain might make the horny go down... or up, depends what im in the mood for
  23. someone's been practising in the off season.
  24. Practice makes perfect.

    - hey, my best post ever.
  25. yeah dont tear her arse, lotsa blood comes out and its really gross all over your dick

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