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  1. can you eat the turtles?
  2. +1
  3. if i had a turtle i would name him murray hewitt

    we'd have band meetings
  4. They're also some of the most dangerous animals, which would concern me a lot more than just the smell.
  5. lol
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    how the feck do you steal something like that?

    wouldn't you need some sort of crane?
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  8. Mmmh, ok stealing an adult is tricky. A baby though is easy money. Also, with the crazy animal rights activists out there, you never know. Maybe one of them would spraypaint them at night to "protest" or whatever.
  9. Why?
  10. The hotbeds still have heating lamps installed inside. Some also have UV lamps, and everyone either has an electric heater, heating pads or heating cables installed which is/are connected to a digital temp sensor.

    Tortoises are, unlike other reptiles not going well with in the house terrarium enclosures and artificial lights. The hotbeds are for protection against predators at night and stormy weather aswell as for colder spring and autumn days. They come from growing plants but turned out to be useful for tortoises. Transformed ones though, with entrance for the animals and automatic window openers for summer. Oh and usual hotbeds for plants don't let the UV light through, mine has a roof made of Alltop glass that let's 97% of the UV lights through. That's important, otherwise it won't make much sense.
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    Oh lol those ones that people often step on and are all like arRGghgHGGHgRAgaggr and then die. Awesome
  12. i just put 12 eggs in an incubator.

    love baby animals.
  13. woot, which type of animal?
  14. chicken. bleu de landes to be precise. first time my dad and i have tried this.

    and now we wait 21 days.
  15. is it possible to put a reptile egg in an incubator as well?
  16. Why do you guys have chickies? Farm?
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    Sure, that's how you breed reptiles. Dunno how tricky it is with chickens, but reptiles are tricky in that department. Tortoises for example are more valuable as females. Problem is, the gender is defined by the breeding temperature, and it has to be pretty precise, and even then it's not sure.

    but yes, baby animals are awesome :-D

    Incubation and hatching of tortoises

    hatchling video (like the music)
  18. weve always had chickens here, my dad just likes them. just a hobby i guess. free eggs that are much better than the ones you find in the supermarket are awesome too. we once had chickens breeding the eggs out themselfs, but the ones we have now won't do it, so we now use an incubator.
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    sounds the same to me yeah. maybe ill breed some turtle eggs someday. temperature and humidity is different than chickens(well obviously) for chickens it's 37.5c and a humidity of around 50-60%
  20. Dunno about humidty, would have guessed more like 80%, only know that tortoise breeders go crazy over how to do it correctly. Too much will damage the tortoises in the eggs and lead to shield anomalys, deformed bodies or similar stuff, half a degree celsius less gets mostly females, and everything below only males ... very tricky :-/ + you have to wait 10 years to find out if you actually bred females or not :)
  21. haha damn, sounds difficult yeah. with chickens theres quite a margin for error.
  22. Incubation time on some reptiles are crazy, Lace monitors have a 190 day incubation.
  23. I just put 12 eggs in an omelet.

    love baby animals.
  24. hmmmm omelet.

    i once had an embryo when i tried to make a hardboiled egg <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  25. lol do not want to see the electricity bill.

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