And without TURBO???

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  1. This car goes 250 Kph with that turbo? And without turbo? Haha...Saab can't survive without turbo. Saab always have Turbo I'm sick of that! Stop making that weak Turbo's and make real cars. **** SAAB! (and it's ugly to)<!-- Signature -->
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    I believe that you're walking proof that idiocy will never die in this world. Like said in many previous other posts, this car in particular was built for acceleration and not for top speed due to the racing that it is participating in. Saabs can't survive without turbos? My 9000 doesn't have one and I've only slightly tinkered with it and kept up with one of my friends' Eagle Talon TSi with an aftermarket turbo charger well past 100mph. That's with a very lightly tuned non-turbo engine mind you. "Stop making that weak Turbo's and make real cars" This makes no sense so I won't comment on it. And they're ugly? That's a matter of opinion and has no relevance here. "**** SAAB"? How childish.

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    And without TURBO???

    Why are everybody here so stupid. Ever driven a car with a Turbo? There is some real power for you. Cars are original cars that handles superb and even older SAABs without Turbo has quite a lot of power...

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    And without TURBO???

    My family's '93 Saab 900 has a 145bhp 2.1 liter's enough for my family.. It DOES survive without a turbo..
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    It has a turbo. 3 bar. Kick @ss.
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    it doesn't say turbo on the spec sheet If u read the thingo up the top it says it has a garret turbo
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    750hp without a turbo and only a 155kph top speed shit and huh?
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    Learn to read dumbass. IT DOES HAVE A €%)#"€?=#) TURBO. And the top speed is ~155mph, not 155kmh. 155mph is plenty enough, because there arent very long straights at Pikes Peak.

    Saabs rule bigtime. They make kickass turboengines.
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    You'e an idiot. The Escudo only does around 230Kph. It's the gearing see, if you were at least as smart as pile of S%£T you would know that rally cars don't have a high top speed they just acceerate like a bat out of hell. This is due to the fact they race on slippery surfaces with alot of bends and undulations. You dumb ass. And if you like the car or not it's personal opnion, and by the way this beat the Escudos best time. It's a top class car that did what it was made to do.
    And why are turbo's weak. I personally prefer N/A but turbo's arn't weak. And a turbo'd car is a real car. The same as an N/A car is.
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    With all respect to Alfa Romeo(drive one myself); Forza Alfa, your probably the dumbest ass with a driverŽs licence in the world.
    Please stop disrespecting AlfaŽs by driving one!!!!

    proud citizen of sweden(were Saab originates if you didnŽt know)!
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    You don't like turbo's it's the only way to get a large amount of hp in a small and light engine. And get your facts straight garret turbo is one of swedens most used turbo charger
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    The top speed does seem alittle wrong. I mean 155mph is the top speed of a stock Viggen. Were the gears really lowered in this car?
  14. Maybe you should've read a couple of the posts in this thread, and you'd have a clue. Hill climb racing and rally ain't about topspeed, it's about acceleration and maintaining a high speed through the curves.
  15. SAAB is the best car of the world. Try a SAAB and you will buy a SAAB like my girl friend(900 turbo 1992), like my mother (900 turbo spg conversion convertible 1990), like my father (NG900 se), like my cousin (900 SPG/T16/Aero 1987) and like many peoples.
  16. You can see my 9000Aero 400hp & 471 lbs. Verry fast 142,6 MPH ONLY in THIRD gear at 7200 RPM. 197,16 MPH at top speed, so the viggen have a gear ration for short shift. The viggen have the 2.0T , my Aero have the 2.3T. Don'T write shit about SAAB befor try a tuned saab turbo. I only had 14 saab turbo in my live and i have only 27 years old. If you need any performances parts about saab ask me.

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