Another fast car from Ferrari.

Discussion in '2006 Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina' started by Jumpman23, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. well no shit.
  2. This car looks like crap, just like every other Ferrari. You want a fast car? Get the SCC Ultimate Aero TT. And its American #%!@!!!
  3. This car looks like crap, just like every other Ferrari. You want a fast car? Get the SCC Ultimate Aero TT. And its American #%!@!!!
  4. is there a way to make these people stop... this thread is not about flaming other cars. On that topic (im a hipocrate =D ), youre a crackpot, the 2 cars is question (Aero TT and the P4/5) are not even to be compared... tho im sure the only thing the Aero TT would beat the P4/5 in is a straight line, ohh wait whats that mr obese american man? thats all cars can do? really? they cant go around corners? shut up fan boy.

    NOTE: i know i am feeding a stereotype... but this guy pissed me off... i know that not all americans think that way... but i know that 85% (or some other high percentage) of americans are obese, it is a fact. I actually feel sad that i went to this level, ohh well i wasted my time typing this might as well post it.
  5. 1st American cars can't handle
    2nd the car is based on a Diablo kit car
  6. someone who wants to suck my kock?
  7. ...eeeh, no!
  8. Itsallaboutspeed: Oh, I do!!! SOX: Your not invited cuz your a nerd
  9. Sorry to invite myself asshole.

    The SSC Ultimate Aero TT is a Diablo ripoff that is carbon fiber over a steel space frame powered by a chevy small block V8, made by a company, that guess what?, made Diablo kit cars in the 90s that were steel space frames bodied in composites, powered by Chevy smlal block V8s.

    This car may not be faster than it, in a straight line, or even around a track, considering the Aero does handle quite well. However, if you would take that over this, you're stupid as hell, also, if you make a car's country of origin a factor in its purchase, you're super retarded.

    Also, 66% of Americans are obese or worse. I'm not one of them.
  10. You are such an idiot n00b
  11. You are such an idiot n00b
  12. Just love it. You, "American cars rock"-dude. #$%# YOU!! You're completly idiot. Amercan cars suck. The aero TT have a great engine, but it looks like hell. You can't compare american #%!@-cars to european beautys.
  13. You're as much of a moron as he is.
  14. As a non-obese American car enthusiast (meaning a general car enthusiast from America), I second that.
  15. Your a #%$
  16. i agree and im american.
    the aero was built to break a record and thats what it did end of story. now this ferrari is a beauty in my eyes but damn expensive

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