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  4. I think your initial question hasn't really been addressed, so I thought I'd mention that it's pretty normal to be dismayed about an unplanned pregnancy. I was fine with it because I'd always wanted kids, but BR was extremely freaked out by the prospect of being a parent and didn't really turn it around until later in the pregnancy. It's ok, pretty common to feel weirded out by the unexpected pending lifestyle change.

    Other stuff to consider:
    -Even when you come around to the idea (which you will, don't worry), it will take time for you to feel attached to the baby. When babies are born it takes them a few months to start responding to anything and every dad I know gets pretty bummed about not being able to connect as well as the mom can. This will also pass.
    -The first year is frustrating because you won't get enough sleep, but on the upside newborn babies are way easier to deal with. You don't even have to babyproof the house at first because they aren't mobile yet, plus they sleep all the time so they're easy to take places.
    -You will be frustrated by the ways that your life has changed, but it's balanced by a lot of great things. It's not really that one life is better than the other, your life will just change and you will appreciate the new life that you have. Life never works out as you've planned, and if a child didn't get in the way of your current lifestyle then something else might have. This is one of the more positive ways to divert your life rather than some sort of medical or financial crisis, right?
  5. I'd pick a baby over bankruptcy or elective amputation any day

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