Another R35 turnoff

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by 944turb0, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. It looks big because it's such a muscular look I think. But yeah, it's pretty on the small side.
  2. So it's fat. Still the skinny 911 is beaten by it.
  3. true it may be bigger then the 911.. but it kills them on the track, and more useable, whats all the #%!@ing about?
  4. Yeah, it's chunky or something.
  5. why what?
  6. Because to you, "how it performs" is numbers you read on your monitor. It's going to be a bit disappointing when people buy this car, and expect it to feel like some super-lively sports car, then realize that you can never mask the weight of a car, regardless of how much bhp or electronic gizmos you throw at it.
  7. All reviews I've reed state that the GT-R doesn't fell a heavy/big car when driving it.
  8. the GT3 RS looks way more agressive than the GT-R
  9. on top of that chunky cars look super unattractive
  10. The gt3 rs with its silly red/blue wheels does not look aggressive LOL.
  11. 997 fool
  12. Porky bastard. Put this in the same category with the shelby gt500, cars that are so heavy they need huge amounts of power just to make them decently quick.
  13. Why is it being bigger a turn on? Bigger = more weight = bad.
  14. With 30 less horsepower it slaughters the Z06.
  15. You really are quite stupid.
  16. Hows that? Sports cars arent supposed to weigh 4500 pounds. **** you.
  17. In what fashion? Utter shittiness?
  18. GT-R
  19. Just how much does this version of windows weigh?
  20. Any one want an SUV GTR?
  21. Because I just simply like big cars. The looks, the space, the road presence... And the wideness certainly adds to making it look tougher.

    The extra weight isnt a problem either .... its not like this GTR is lacking any performance values because its 10 year old predecessor is 250kg lighter. Luckily power, gear ratios, suspension, massive brakes, and other technologies can make a car feel much lighter than you'd think.
  22. haha, gross

  24. NO. JUST NO.

    No amount of electronics, suspension, gear ratios or power could make a car as large and heavy as the R35 GT-R corner and change direction in the same manner as a Lotus Elise or a Caterham.

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