Another school shooting in (guess where).

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  1. the gun haters are incredibly ignorant lol

    let me whine and cry about something I know nothing about

    lemme base my opinions on emotion and what the media tells me

    I think I know whats best for everyone with guns when I have no experience with firearms whatsoever

    have facts supporting guns? well I'm just gunna label and insult you then
  2. You complain about "gun haters" labeling and insulting you, but this whole post is doing just that.
  3. Did you read the article? It is believed his actions where the DETERRENT that made him stop and end his life. And the article made full blown main media. The part about the gunman being confronted was omitted.

    And I do ask that question. It is full of nuts is the usual conclusion. Lanza was about to be committed by his mother. The man that shot the first responders/fireman was a convicted felon (who are not allowed to own guns). Convicted of beating his grandmother to death with a hammer. I guess some bleeding heart felt he was alright to reintegrate into society.
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    You are the one that referred to me as an 'asshole'. hosts links to actual news articles, genius. They often copy and paste the article from the original source also. Ones that will never make it to CNN. Mostly local news.

    Here's the first 3 so you don't have to strain your pointer finger so much. I would hate for you to put much effort into understanding the other side of this argument. I am sure you feel the government can't take your rights away fast enough.
  5. The guy believes that his decision to point a gun at the attacker while his gun was jammed caused the attacker to stop his attack and kill himself.

    There's certainly a lot of speculation involved in that whole scenario, so using that as an example to prove that more guns is a deterrent is shaky.

    As usual, you try to isolate the problem down to just mental illness, while completely ignoring the fact that your society allows two dangerously unstable people easy access to weapons. Something must be wrong when someone who was convicted of a violent crime can still obtain firearms.
  6. i'll give you a serious post

    i meant assholes as in all of us. i would refer to my friends that way too.

    but i think we're all gonna have to agree to disagree. i'll agree with what some have been saying in that it's a shame legislation like this only happens as knee-jerk responses and we tend to get a deal that neither side is happy about.

    i'm personally anti-gun for civilians and have been for a long time now. however i think a healthy compromise would be better in this situation. perhaps more regulated ranges and gun clubs could be created but with the rule that the guns stay there and for circumstances when they would need to leave (hunting, competitions, shows, repair, etc) they would be tracked somehow and were on fixed time leases.

    this could really add an extra level of support structure too. better education and training. responsible interaction for children. best of all, in case of revolution you can all just go to your club and collect your guns.

    yes that leaves out home defense, but that's something i wouldn't personally compromise on.
  7. whoops, didn't quote because i thought i was next. forgot to mention, stop assuming i'm just listening to the drivel on msnbc and haven't formed my own convictions long ago like you. if you'd like to know, i have a ba in journalism and consider all of the 24 hour news networks disgusting.

    i don't really consume any spin. google news for articles. politifact for what politicians are saying. npr all things considered in the car in the afternoon.

    i have a lot of opinions on what's wrong with the fourth estate but that's not really the topic
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    I wasn't using it as an example of deterrence, this actually would not be counted in defense statistics because he did not fire a shot. I was using it as an example of main stream media filtering. Their is more than one. It took them 4 days to get their story straight on Sandy Hook (including accusing the wrong man first, saying there were two rifles and one handgun etc etc.) and it still doesn't sound correct.

    But still, it is likely his actions had an effect. The gunman was a typical coward after the least resistance, at the first sign of trouble all his fight was gone. And 99% of jams are no issue to clear, they are usually just a failure to feed in an AR. He in fact did clear the jam, and then turned the rifle on himself. If you want better 'deterrent' stories go to the website I posted.

    It is easy to get guns here like it is easy to get drugs as well. People like that man do not submit to a background check, they buy through the black market, or they steal, just like any crook or gangbanger. Guns are a tool, they are not the root cause of these killers wanting to kill. We turn a blind eye to the mentally ill here, and do not cover treatment. The gun is the glorified tool here. Someone could use a vehicle to kill as many people as Sandy Hook if they wanted.. or a bomb (the biggest attack on a US school was with farm grade explosives), or gasoline (a recall a guy in 60's germany with a home made flamethrower), molotov cocktail, a knife etc. If an old man can mistake the throttle for the brake and kill eight people with his buick, imagine someone doing it on purpose (actual it has been done on purpose, of course). But these people don't want to be compared to an eighty something year old, they want to be compared to the last dick head that shot a defenseless place up. The media doesn't help by referring to their crazy scribblings as manifesto's and flash their photos and self portraits every ten seconds.

    I am not trying to deflect with that part. There are a lot of guns here. People use them to kill. And good luck trying to get them from those that want them. Banning them from me will change little, except my ability to legally defend myself. People are crazy and you want to blame what they are holding..
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    The only online petition I have ever signed was for Nickelback to stop making music. It didn't work.

    Plus this is in the news:

    “Americans. It took us 40 years to get rid of Piers Morgan. Please don’t send him back.” -Jeremy Clarkson
  10. I wonder how burnout teenagers easily acquire narcotics that are illegal for them to posses
  11. Completely unrelated, stop trying to change the topic.
  12. Hear hear. Thats how it works here.

    And i completely agree with it.
  13. Here, the way you buy illegal guns is pretty much the same way you buy illegal drugs
  14. I don't understand why some people don't get that baning guns now will have an impact on their children life not theirs.

    Who knows maybe if they stop worshiping guns and living in fear of their neighbours there will be less nutcase in that country 25years from now.

  15. A lot of people never think about the future, especially politicians.
  16. Oh jeez politics is such a cluster #$%# of stupid building on stupid
    Inability to see things from the perspective of others really hampers discussion around here
    Or unwillingness
  17. i feel like people just want to argue. whenever i give serious opinions or compromises they're usually ignored

    i guess now since drifter can't call me a genius sarcastically or a sheeple or something he won't bother responding. part of the main reason i tend to side so liberal, those don't tread on me/conservitives/tea party people are so quick to throw facts and stats around when they think you're stupid but as soon as you try it's all LALALA FINGERS IN MY EAR WON'T LISTEN OR DISCUSS I'M RIGHT
  18. Leave it to a foreigner to pass judgment on something he knows nothing about
  19. I can honestly say I have never used the word 'sheeple', genius (there you go, since you seem to miss it).. maybe iSheep referring to Apple fanboys. I didn't respond to give you the last word. You are the one that wanted to stop. And now you complain about being ignored, ****. And numbers mean little without context, that goes both ways. I have already stated my position, you are not going to change it. You are text on a screen, and you could probably relate to me little in reality, at least in terms of gun control. My college degree is in manufacturing engineering, yeah they still make shit here. I have been shooting since before my teens. My first hunt was when I was eleven. My college graduation gift from my parents was a pistol. My father used to be a hunting guide and still has his (very old) trained dogs, and so on.

    That being said I would never say that I could never be swayed in to changing. Someone that has the mindset of "you cannot convince me" is another kind of crazy.. but I am not willing or wanting to give up my 2nd amendment rights, especially when I believe it will accomplish nothing and hurt more.
  20. yeah i figured you would just insult me again. just because we don't agree doesn't mean you have to be a dick but whatever.

    #$%# you too man
  21. LOL, I thought I cleaned it up rather nicely. I agree on the "but whatever" part. We don't agree and it won't go anywhere, that is all I was saying. I don't use Yahoo Comments vocabulary like "sheeple" and "libtard" and all that dumb shit, so don't pretend or assume I will.
  22. Is drifterB2W a second account? if so , who?
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