Any scotch drinkers left here?

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  1. Nigga, Do I look like a high-class Bourbon drinker to you?

    I drink the cheaper stuff.

    Wild Turkey 101, Jack Daniels, Makers mark, Woodford reserve (the cheaper one) and there is a couple of others that are no more than $50 per bottle.

    The only "expensive" bottle I have is Johnny Walker Blue Label.

    And all of this was before... Now, I have almost completely given up drinking beer and bourbon/whiskey... anything alcoholic.

    My favourite alcoholic beverages to drink are: Whisky/bourbon and I love beer and of course all the different moonshine(homemade liquor) I had from Armenia (made from peach, red mulberry, white mulberry, raspberry, etc). But because I have diabeetus now I dont drink much at all anymore.
  2. Johnny Walker black is very good also, just don't drink the red label.
  3. Hellll No.. I think Black label is sorry... Sure it is a bit smoother than red label, but the only Johnny walker I would even sip is Green Label. But I dislike johnny walker the flavor is too smokey for my taste.

    perhaps I may like that taste as my taste matures.
  4. They say that red label is meant for mixing, but I would also say that black label falls into that category as well. Johnny Walker is the biggest brand of Scotch Whisky as a result of heavy promotion. As such, it has mass market appeal. Black Label seen as the premium alternative to Red Label, for people who tend to mix it with cola, soda water or other mixers.

    The fact that you can't buy it in premix form separates it (for the target market, at least) from the rather uncivilised premix market.

    In so far as taste, it is certainly harsh when consumed neat, but that harshness dissipates when consumed on the rocks. It needs a strong smokey flavour to overcome the taste of other mixers, so that the consumer can discern what they are drinking.
  5. so much false snobbism in here

    I bet your favorite Tequila is Patron!
  6. tequila is a drink for filthy poor mexicans like remington
  7. F u. i hate tequila
  8. image of pre-mix drinks doesn't really apply in america. pre-mix jim beam, jack daniels and johnny walker don't even exist in the states.
  9. ready to drink varieties may not exist, but that still doesn't exclude people buying it with the intention of mixing it.
  10. scothc iss to expensive so i drink only Labbatt!
  11. u suck
  12. I landed in Nashville on the 20th. I'm drinking Southern Comfort 100 proof and smoking Newport 100s. Don't fly Delta.
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  14. I've always felt the Johnny Walkers were overpriced. More marketing than substance.
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    I fUcking love that tequila, and I generally don't much care for tequila at all.
  16. In order of awesomeness to my taste:

    Pappy van Winkle Family Reserve 23 or 20 year, if you can find them
    any of the bourbons in the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection - my favorite is George T Stagg
    Elijah Craig 18 year
    1792 Ridgemont Reserve
    Four Roses Single Barrel
  17. your feelings are true
  18. I always thought so too, until I was given a bottle of Blue as a housewarming gift.

    I didn't want to love it. I didn't want to admit that a blended malt was better than any single malt scotch I've encountered. But I do, and it is.

    The Blue can back up its price tag.
  19. Four Roses Single Barrel is the tits.
  20. Caol Ila - 12 year old is excellent, cask strength is special
    The Balvenie - Doublewood is very smooth, the single cask stuff is more expensive but worth it.
    Balblair - they don't do 8, 12, 15 year old etc. They pick a batch of casks and if they are good, they release them. The 2000 and 2001 are fantastic.
    Kilchoman - A new Islay, they've just released their 5 year old. Don't be put off by the young age, it's awesome.
  21. My shelf currently contains

    Caol Ila Signatory 1999 non-chillfiltered release
    Edradour Signatory 1997
    Ardbeg Uigeadail
    Glenmorangie 10
    Bruichladdich Organic
    Laphroaig 10
    Talisker 12
  22. You have excellent taste.
  23. Love the Caol Ila, I just bought the Distillers Edition 1995. It's not as smooth as the Bowmore 18 or the Lagavulin 1993, but with one ice cube to take the edge off, it's very sublime.

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