Anybody into Astronomy?

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  1. My girlfriend's grandma gave their family a pretty nice telescope for christmas, I'm probably the only one that's going to want to use it. Where do I start?
  2. Im an Ares
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  4. Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are really visible right now. Mercury and Jupiter are low on the eastern horizon, and Venus is near the moon.
  5. Word. THANKS! :DD
  6. i would like to own a mega awesome telescope.
  7. Venus should look amazing through most scopes.

    When I was in the boy scouts they took us to an observatory, it blew my mind to see saturn in that much detail from earth.
  8. I don't believe in that crap
  9. Wrong account, Orange F1.
  10. yea, you're tiny redneck mind can't cope with the awesomeness past earth lol
  11. Use it once then store it in your garage with your fondue set.
  12. how good can you see stuff is it good can you see aliens can you see
  13. it may sound lame but the moon is awesome to look at in great detail.

    one of the coolest things to see is also saturn with its faint rings and jupiter and its 4 biggest moons.

  14. This. The moon is incredibly cool on a high powered telescope. But it'll hurt your eyes like crazy if you look at it too long.
  15. I spent about a week observing one of the maria for a school project once. With the differences in lighting over the time period and sharp eyes I was able to get a TON of detail out of it using only a 4 inch refractor. To be fair, it was a really high quality spotting scope, but still. And it was cool as hell. I can think of few cooler things you can see without additional light sensors.
  16. I thought telescopes were for looking through bedroom windows
  17. I wouldnt be able to masturbate myself without my telescope.
  18. I use it to make sure the kids at the daycare are safe. Well, thats what I said when the parents asked me why I had a telescope pointed out of my van
  19. i've been reading/studying astronomy since i could flip the pages of books and magazines (since often times pictures are worth a thousand words and you don't really read when you're 3 :D), and that's definitely an awesome gift. i've been meaning to buy one, but they're so damn expensive that it's quite the luxury item for me. that and DC skies are pretty light-polluted. just south of here in VA is great, but it's a pain in the ass. anyhoo...

    my recommendations are starting with simple things. i had some specific publication titles to recommend, but i cant #$%#ing find them... more generally speaking, i'd recommend in a few books- something that talks about the universe and the myriad visible things contained within, just for a good background understanding of some of the things you're looking at (and they're just nice to know, if you don't already); a good book on the solar system, which undoubtedly will also include info on asteroids and comets (meteor showers are a neat seasonal thing to see, for example); most of all, look for a straightforward, relatively simple handbook to backyard astronomy... maybe a binocular astronomy guide, something like that, which focuses more on naked-eye objects that are easier to spot, even in shit light conditions.

    i assume it's not some super powerful telescope, but even so, you should be very well suited for looking at the moon especially (and being able to identify various features, especially when it's not a full moon), nearby planets, and stuff like certain Messier objects like nebulae and the Andromeda galaxy.

    and then come here and post pix of all the chicks you attract with your awesome new hobby <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A> ill be waiting, keepin it real...
  20. i just took a class on it. its interesting stuff. but i think i got a C in the class, mostly because the teacher is a retard. all homework was online, based off of the book, it took a month and a half for half the class to get the book for the class, and that month and a half of homework? still due each friday, 4 were in those weeks, 2 could be dropped.

    also the first test was in week 3, which was also based nearly completely off of the book. which again, we did not get until week 6 (the week before test 2)
  21. I hear orion is best seen in february.
  22. thans for the inflow
  24. check out the visible galaxies like Andromeda (m31) and triangulum (m33). I think it's pretty dope that you can see another galaxy 2.5million light years away with the naked eye under the right conditions. With a good scope, it would be killer.
  25. Pictures of nebulas almost looks like paintings.

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