Anymore images of this?

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    Isdera 112 images are rare but this is one I hadn't seen before, it's in a dealer and it looks recent-ish.

    Surely someone somewhere knows where and when this was?

    Also, someone took some proper photos of it fairly recently too, here:

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  2. I love the gullwing engine covers on this thing.
  3. don't recognise that place. but it has been for sale a couple of times before, i know that
  4. Looks like the Auto Salon Singen by the floor design.
  5. Innotech always does triple posts these days.
  6. only post once, but for some reason it triple posts.
  7. Really is one of the most beautiful cars ever built
  8. I liked the C112 better tbh, because it had those recognizable late 80s/early 90s Mercedes-Benz cues in the concept
  9. The C112 is very cool. I just love how clean and tidy this design is.

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