Anyone been to Zermatt, Switzerland??

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  1. amazing town. only way in is by train. Right by the border of Italy. No cars, most people walk. There also tiny electric taxis. I literally skied from Switzerland to Italy. If I spoke Swiss-German, I would move there.
  2. If you have pics, I'd like to see them, because going by its description it sounds like a concentration camp
  3. haha. no, its cool. these arent pics I took but they are of the village.
    That giant pointy mointain is called The Matterhorn. Its awesome.
  4. there's this tiny mountain town in italy that's accessible only from a road from switerland. i first heard about it in howard marks' book (the pot smuggler - he buried his fake passport in the town's gardens). i really want to visit it. zermatt looks like the swiss version.
  5. why do the swiss hate cars so much
  6. Never been there, but Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on earth from the pics i've seen. My cousin's went there couple years back to Zurich.
  7. My dad has many, many times. My godfather lives near there, I havent been yet though.
  8. added to my destination this summer (whishlist)
  9. Yes I was born in Switzerland and went to Zermatt when I was little. Don't remember it though.
  10. Jah. We hiked to the base of the Matterhorn.
  11. which is..
  12. a place without cars is awesome, since when?
  13. i believe it's called Campione but i may be wrong
  14. ;_;
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  16. I know its kind of a bummer. But its suprising how much nicer it is without them. No cars = less noise, better air, and more enjoyable walks. I actually did see one car there, wasn't driving. I have no idea how it got there...
  17. any random bavarian mountain village is like that, but with cars, the citizens use it every two weeks to drive downb to the valley, if at all.

    I'd chose that before, thanks
  18. zermatt is sweet, haven't been in years
  19. My parents have been, say it's amazing
  20. I've been all over the French Alps, but have never been to a Swiss resort. From Chatel/Avoriaz you can ski into Switzerland. I havn't been to Chatel since I was 12, but I think there's one point where you stand on a peak looking out over Lake Geneva.

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