Anyone Customize 1:18ths?

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by Motorcar Maverick, May 20, 2006.

  1. I been doin a few for a while, but i finally did one i feel is pretty damn good. Its a Murci Roadster, jsut got it a few hours ago. It was a standard Black Murci Roadster, but I titnted the windows, the rear lights, rear vents, front vents and detailed the rims in black with a silver lip. Now it looks pretty badass in my opinion. Whole process took about one hour. Lemme know what uguys think, and if you customized any scale models put up some pix
  2. The only one I customized is my Minichamps 956 and I put the correct Rothmans logos on it.
  3. Awesome work guys! Love what you did to the interior of that Zonda Guibo. Looks great.
  4. Thanks, Shaitan. I wish someone (like Kyosho, for instance) would hurry up and make a decent model of it.
  5. dayamn man that's pretty bomb. u went all out and it paid off! nice work. i was thjinkin of doin the interior with black lining on the murci but i jsut kept it stock. ur makin me wanna do more now lol
  6. Thanks.
    Yeah, if you're thinking of doing the interior, I say go for it. And go all out. Red or yellow would look pretty sweet on a black car, though brown or a light tan might match the window tinting better. Good luck.
  7. I customized all Bburagos I�ve got.

    when I buy the zonda, first thing i�ll do is changing the rims.

    I�ve already bought Zonda F wheels
  8. how did you tint the windows on the murci?
  9. That's what i want to know. My guess is either some kind of spray job, or cellophane?
  10. i thought it was black market or spray job too... if he actually used real tint i would have thought this was pretty cool
  11. lol @ 'black market'
  12. What's that fuzzy shit you used in the interior? I think I used that once to coat the isndie of my box thingy in woodshop. I wanna do it on a model car.
  13. What's that fuzzy shit you used in the interior? I think I used that once to coat the isndie of my box thingy in woodshop. I wanna do it on a model car.
  14. I'll never mod my 1:18 diecasts, but I kinda modded one on accident last month when my one & only BMW diecast (silver Z8 Convertible) took a dive from the top of my computer desk & landed upside down..but that one was unplanned.
  15. I mod all my 1:18s and 1:24s. I always want them to be as close to real as possible... Specially in the engine... But I don't have no pics of any of them, sorry.
  16. Here are the F50 and F40 by Bburago.

    I customized them. I have got more customized diecasts. This is just an example.

    In some pics, i compare the standard F40 with my F40 customized
  17. You F40 went from pretty nice ..

    hey how do you like the mod job I did on my 1/18 Bburago F40....

    as if. haha

    But thisis my 1/12 Kyosho

    the front headlights do pop up with the push of a button under the car and the red gas cap opens revealing the chromed screw cap in under
  18. wow, what an improvement. My F40 is probably the ugliest model I've got..

    Also, that Kyosho looks gorgeous.
  19. oh yeah !

    yours is astonishing !
  20. Its all about plastic my freind. j/k it looks good

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