Anyone here that still thinks Trump should be President of the States?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dahldrin, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. I'm more disgusted by the average American Democrat supporter, there's plenty to show the democrat primaries were rigged, they have been caught on video doing illegal things, their candidate is not remotely liberal yet they do nothing about it.
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  2. hey we agree on something
    the dnc is the scummiest takeaway from this whole election
    an extremely popular candidate, despite their best efforts, was railroaded out of the race probably because they promised hillary some shit that they should not have been able to promise.
    my uneducated theory is that they asked hillary to bow out of the obama election gracefully with the promise of sec of state and the dnc nomination in 8 years.
    so this year they were fulfilling that promise. but they cant make that promise! its SUPPOSED to be up to the voters

    people still talk about bernie! im confident he would have won had the dnc thrown all its machinery and influence behind him
  3. Hemi, just a reminder:

    You're not American. You're French.
  4. Hell, he would have won had they not rigged the primaries. They literally stole it from him. I may not agree with all of his views, but I'd rather have him than her because he wasn't being backed by the super corrupt.
  5. Yes and? I have family in the USA, so I don't give really a damn of what you think. Remember the Brexit as a reminder, that is all what I can say.
  6. how can he
    obama just established martial law and lamestream news sources are under Liberal control
  7. which links this time?
  8. you click around and find out
    i value my computers health

    be careful not just of viruses
    but maybe your libtard views will also be challenged and you may begin to find yourself thinking about the 2nd amendment and capital punishment
  9. I use Firefox version 49.0.2 and despite ads I have absolutely no malware, use Chrome otherwise then you won't have any problems to read the links I have posted.Not sure about what kind of antivirus you use, but I use bitdefender with an integrated antimalware and antispyware and I never had an issue. You Netscape brower is not supported since 2008 anymore, install malware bytes , it is a powerful anti malware removal tool that can save you. Other solution is too upgrade on windows 7. I stayed with windows xp 12 years and I always used either firefox or chrome combined with bit defender
  10. let your family worry about their own country and focus on your own laughable political situation
  11. I haven't voted for the socialist sob president we have in our office , Chris because I dispise socialist. I wonder who will be the next president candidate. I don't have high hopes for a great candidate appearing
  12. None this time just referencing that last one. Like a bad dog, I've got to rub his nose in it.
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  13. I'm not some pleb on a PC. I'm using my 22inch screen smart phone.
    Also, your scanner didn't catch it because the CIA has corrupted your virus definition files.
  14. What I don't understand is what democrat voters expect to happen. They allowed the party to dismantle their democratic primary selections, there was no significant retaliation so there's very little chance you will get a democrat candidate selected by voters ever again.

    If democrat voters then still go and vote Hillary into the whitehouse she will likely make policies that will shift demographics to the point the republicans can never win another election. If that happens it will largely be the end of democracy in America. Technically there will be elections but the corruption and consolidation of power will mean they are just a show. It will be about as democratic as the DPRK. At best you will have factions fighting inside the democrat party and popularity will influence them a little.

    If people elect Trump and he's terrible it's easy to get rid of him after 4 years,.
  15. I thought level-headed people (and political-right ragebots) liked Sarkozy? Or is he no longer interested in running?
  16. It just became more complicated with the EU factored in when making a choice during elections. Besides the national agenda parties have, it also matters now whether they're EU-slaves or EU-critics. In case of France, the majority of the citizens aren't fond of the EU machine (and I'm with them personally, but that's irrelevant), however, since Mitterand already all chosen presidents have seen the EU as opportunity, whether it be for the future careers or as excuse to implement laws that aren't really to the benefit of many. These days there's a very big power shift when it comes to national laws and european laws and whoever follows the news can see not everyone puts up with it as well (ie. Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia) as others (Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany). I personally hope that there will be more EU critics leading their respective national governments and in the case of France, FN of Marine Le Pen would be having the best shot of that compared to others. But as media/propaganda tends to be rather pro-EU, this might be tight. Surely Calais, being affected by crisises of other countries in the EU and the rapefugee issue that has been going through Europe is bound to make some people vote different than they normally would have. I'd hope.
  17. Some people said that he didn't do much against criminals and some made him a reproach to be too close to the Front National. Others said he preferred the upper class to the lower ghetto class. Juppe is a bad choice because he is 71 years old and he is a clone of Hollande in the right wing party and he is too moderate with muslims.
  18. You nailed that right. The problem is the same in the US. Some politicians prefer foriegners to their own people and are ready to be like submissive little bitches to the Brussels commission instead of fighting for the independance and integrity of their own country. Never expect a socialist to be a patriot.
  19. If any of this is remotely true I really hope something is done before next week. More and more media is reporting there's clinton email on weiners computer. The guardian has already started writing stories claiming the FBI is a huge conspiracy, that surpass the average infowars article in hysteria and paranoia. If she gets elected I don't know how they will stop her purging the FBI to stop anything getting out.
  20. This is just strange Hillary's campaign guy talks about "Spirit Cooking" with Marina Abramović.
    This is what "spirit cooking" apparently looks like. supposed to be "performance art" Apparently scrawling messages in pigs blood about drinking breast milk mixed with semen is an art performance and totally not some weird occultist ritual or anything linked to strange new age cults.

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