Anyone here that still thinks Trump should be President of the States?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dahldrin, Jul 31, 2016.

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    Some people aren't enough wise to undertsand some things:

    The hatred against cops and the blattant ignorance of murders and against them coming from the Obama administration is mind blowing

    Some of you perhaps want to live with the ghetto trash to know how cool they are but you don't make of ghetto trash motherfuckers and other despicable low life garbage respectable people when they are trash . You would shit your pants by the fear of being killed or stabbed if you lived in the same shitty hood than them

    Bizarrely this happened

    Coincidence? Not really, the clintons are known to kill all their former associates.
  2. Did you miss the part where I pointed out the obvious shock from the news caster? I'm not the one debating the percentage of blacks liking Trump. Douche cuck was. I pointed out statistics can be flawed. Not sure what's to debate about that except some dumb cucks wanting to foam about something.
  3. Its just the way ETB4U frames it, but yea statistics can be grade A bs most of the time. They can be skewed for either side in any context. This does not mean however that polls do not have their merits.
  4. Well except for the part where you tried to portray scientific surveys as being useless, where you tried to illustrate that point by posting something that is NOT a scientific survey as an example, and where you falsely claimed the fox news poll was just an Internet click survey.

    But hey. Maybe I'm just making this shit up. Let's just agree to let everyone else read the exchange and decide for themselves.
  5. Well of course they can be, and they can be used to skew results. That's why it's important to utilize reputable polling agencies.
  6. I missed this post earlier. That's an interesting hypothesis considering I am obsessive about everything needing to be fact-based.

    Which "bullcrap" was flung my way that I "fell for" that isn't true? Please be very specific. Thank you.
  7. You're a victim of propaganda, and you like to regurgitate it. Thats all there is to it. Kthxbai
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  8. You are making shit up. I said I take them with a grain of salt because they can be wrong. Are you mentally retarded?
    Also, I posted two "scientific" surveys that contradicted themselves, dumbass cuck. It's like you're too stupid to analyze the shit spoon fed to you. You're too busy waiting to be triggered.
    Also, you brought up surveys in the first place, stupid cuck.
  9. He is a muppet and a tool like most of the clinton swine voters
  10. All I'd say about that fox one is merely that it's a bit small sample size (the bigger, the greater the accuracy would be, granted there's variety geographically and socially too), but if this were a perfect average following the census, a bit over 100 black people were approached and 1 of these said he's likely to vote for Trump. This doesn't really break the trend of black people typically voting Democrat anyway. When GWB became president in 2004 he had only 11% of this vote as well, while Kerry had 88%. In 2000 (GWB 9%, Gore 90%) the differences were pretty significant too.
  11. You do know people can read through pages 8 and 9 and see all your posts, right?
  12. We won't, though.
  13. Do you know?
    Stop making shit up to foam over, cuck.
  14. discussion has really degenerated
  15. Into incessant troll attempts, correct. Trump is going to lose badly, so at least there's that.
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  16. Why do you think that?

    I am not voting either way, but just curious to know why you're such a zealot for her. I think you're failing to consider that they're statistically even in polls despite his controversies and her vast support/money.
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    saying who is likely to win doesnt make someone a zealot
    what polls are you referring to? 7% seems to be pretty decent, and (un)predictive models lean extremely towards clinton
  18. Accepting propaganda as fact and refusing to acknowledge the other side does

    To be fair, he isn't the only one that does it
  19. It fluctuates week to week, sometimes she's ahead sometimes she's not. I haven't kept up with it tbh.

    If we were to continue the conversation about the election I would say Clinton would win for many reasons other than polls.
  20. expand on that? youve said it twice and followed up with a 'kthxbai'
    essentially saying nothing and bringing nothing to the table discussion wise

    present what you think he should be paying attention to
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    Alright, its just I'm getting tired of explaining it.

    I think one should simply be wary of propaganda from both sides especially during an election year. When it comes to politics there is no right and wrong unless it can be proven or disproven immediately even then it can be contentious. Many words that one agrees with may sound like fact but in reality we are wrong 100% of the time. The only thing we have is approximate accuracy in describing how things are, therefore we should never silence competing views or entirely accept what we believe in as 100% grade A truth. It has just gotten to the point where both sides are shaping the narrative and in the process individuals are not thinking for themselves.

    I would much rather someone like hemi explain why he thinks the way he thinks than someone just basing what they say off the popular narrative. Not trying to be mean to Murika, I just notice that he along with others attempt to get others to view things through their lens by way of the official narrative.

    And here is why I think Clinton will win: We are a republic and Trump is too much of a risk to the fundamentals of what we set in place after wwii. Whether you think this is a bad or a good thing is subjective.
  22. I dont think trump being a threat to the fundamentals is a problem
    i feel like trump being a populist shit stirrer who says things that provoke peoples primal tribal response is a problem

    hes boiled down extremely complex issues into an easily digestible us vs them narrative supported solely by insults
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  23. Is it possible the Trump has slightly silenced in the last couple of weeks? we seem to be getting less headlines about him. Except that his campaign opened an active Hebrew Twitter account to address some Israeli-Americans.

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