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  1. I realize this is unlikely, but I don't really know of a better place and is a busy place, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm currently painting an abstract piece with acrylics. Like all of my paintings, I did a very rough "sketch" of it in Photoshop before hand to get an idea as to the feel I'm going for, colors I want, etc. The problem is, I can't seem to make the colors using the paints I have. So, here's a little color pallete I've made up of the colors I'm trying to get but can't for whatever reason. I was hoping someone might be able to give me some suggestions, the more specific, the better.

    Looking at it now, I might even be very close, it's just that matching the color of paint to the color on a monitor isn't exactly easy for a number of reasons. Anyway, here's the samples.
  2. I think I've decide to go with a different, darker color pallete. Sort of variations on a rust color. Much easier. I'm tired of #$%#ing with it.
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  4. Sir, be sure to utilize a darker pallate. The center color should be made a tad "creamier."
  5. Wait, you're painting 3 brown squares?
  6. Dude... that's racist. They're African American squares.
  7. *arab
  8. * Asian/Hispanic, Latino
  9. I only like realism in art. Abstracts are always a little shady.
  10. No. Those are examples of the types of colors I was trying to make the final thing will look NOTHING like that. Though actually, it is a set of three 20"x20" canvases spaced 6" apart horizontally (for my bedroom above the headboard).
  11. I'd go with a paintbrush.
  12. I used to kind of think that, but I like abstracts for sort of setting a mood. Not something I'd look at for a particularly long period of time, just something that's there that enhances the room... if that makes sense. I also really like working with texture (layering paint, different thickness, dry brushing to hight light variations in depth, etc). And it's not going to be ENTIRELY abstract. There's going to be a simplified tree on one canvas, a tiny bird on another, etc. I'll post pics when I finish it. I'm letting some areas dry and I might run up to the art supplies store to see if there is any colors that might help me out and save me a little time.

    EDIT: And do you mean REALISM, or just not abstract? Do you like surrealism (like Dali for instance)? I personally think realism is kind of lame unless it's something that never existed, something that doesn't exist anymore, something you couldn't take a photo of, etc.
  13. Actually, I'm finger painting the whole thing. Though I did make a turkey and some "baby footprints" using the bottom of my fist. You know what I'm talkin 'bout.
  14. I'm not artistic enough to create like that. I can play about 6 instruments, but I can't compose a song to save my life. I can paint a realism from a view I have in front of me, but I can't create something from my mind.

    Maybe that's why I can't get my head around abstract art. I get a lot more out of looking at a painting of a landscape. Something beautiful that the artist wanted to share, and captured the natural world in his art.

    But that's just me.

  15. bucknutz is going to pioneer abstract painting using his bucknutz. one day his jewess lover is going to come home early to the soudn of him thrusting and in horror, she'll see him hunkered down, teabagging an enormous Pollock style canvas.

    bucknutz, indeed!
  16. Hmm, I don't like your right rectangle. Make it darker!
  17. The best thing to do is to not do abstract art. It's all shit.

    Go for surrealism instead.
  18. Whatteva. And it's sort of going to be a cross between the two.
  19. *hand turkeys
  20. Chix with dix.
  21. -10
  22. I collect Kandinsky paintings.
  23. What? Abstract art is shit. At least art-wise. I really don't mean to offend, dahldrin, but imo, abstract art is a scam to get really rich assholes to pay you lots of money so they can show other rich assholes how "classy" and "cultured" they are.

    If that's your aim here, I say go for it. But if you are going for artistic value, may I suggest in the gentlest terms that perhaps you might try something different?
  24. Well I have done other stuff. It's not like this is my first painting. And your whole rich/classy/cultured theory doesn't exactly hold up considering I'm painting it and it's going to hang in my bedroom.

    I agree that there is ALOT of really shitty abstract art, but there is also some that I like quite a bit. Hopefully the one I'm working on will be one of those.

    EDIT: And as for your theory, do you honestly think that no one truly enjoys abstract art? It's really the same concept... a series of shapes and colors in relation to each other to make an image that is appealing to the painter/viewer.

    Here's an example of one I did earlier. Obviously not abstract.

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