Anyone know the performance figures.

Discussion in '2007 BF Performance Murciélago GT 660' started by lt4, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. i know there will be some improvment but can't find much anywhere
  2. here ya go.
    0-60: 2.8sec.
    0-100: 4.1sec.
    tp speed: 233mph.

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  3. Hahaha ;P

    no but seriously, i'd say 0-62mph at around 3,3seconds could be possible..

    i cant imagine what the 0-100mph time would be, but pretty quick i suppose ;D!.

    The top is probably a couple of more MPH. like 210-214
  4. No way it has a 4.1 to 100 unless you mean kmph. I think your a little high all those figures. This would not perform better then the Veyron/ Dauer 962 and other extreme cars. If this had a 0-100mph in 4.1 seconds, that is almost 2 seconds faster then the Veyrons and Dauer amoug others. No possible way, but thanks anyway.
  5. i would say that 0-100 is in the mid 6 to low 7 sec range, and i would put 0-60 in 3 sec flat (depending on the driver) for this model because of the added torque. but i think that this is one of the best models i've seen from lamborghini. in my opinion i think this looks way better than the reventon.

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