Anyone know what this is?

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  1. I was torn between a 1955 or 1956 Bel Air. But you might be right that it is a 210.
  2. Alright, how about this?
  3. Another. I have it as something along the lines of:

    1948-1953 Ferrari 166MM (Touring) Barchetta

    I can't find anything that says for certain. Everything I find seems to to be a little different with most differences coming in the hood (scoops).
  4. Yet another. The dark blue one. My little book has it as a 1927 Bugatti Type 35A (T), but it's definitely a different car in the photo in the book.

    Actually what are both of these? The light blue one is the one that seems to be in the photo in the book.
  5. Okay, another.

    In case anyone was wondering (if it's not obvious), I'm trying to go through and label all the photos on my site from Concorso and Copperstate (410 total).
  6. I'd say 250 Testarossa? And what the hell is up with the wheels on that F40?
  7. Definitely not a Testarossa. One thing that gives it away is the engine. I wasn't aware of this until recently, but "Testarossa" translates literally to "red head", referring to the red crinkle coat applied to the valve covers. Also, it isn't nearly pontoon enough to be a TR.

    Thanks for the help though (with this and the others).
  8. Nah i just looked at a pic of a Testarossa and you are totally right, thats not it.
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    Yeah i do like the Speedlines like on a F40LM aswell. But those in your pic look bad on such a special car.
  11. This one seems to be very similar to a 500 TRC Spider, but it's not that.
  12. Pretty sure it's a Jaguar XK150 Roadster
  13. It's either that or a 212 Export Spider Touring, which is an almost dead-ringer for 166 MM Touring.
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    Try this...
  15. Thanks for the help smokeydonuts. I really appreciate it.
  16. Thank you for the awesome hi-res images! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    That last Ferrari there's got me a bit flumuxed... I thought it might be the 500 Testa Rossa w/ transplanted 250 GT V12 that showed at Pebble some years back (500 TR's came w/ 4-cyls. from the factory) but that one was finished way nicer than the car you've got there.
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    No problem. I don't know if I posted a link to the full gallery in this thread, but just in case here it is:

    As for that car, I just looked through my RAWs again and it says "1948 Ferrari 166 SC" on the piece of paper on the dash, but it's clearly not a 166 SC. It's confusing because the guy who owns the 340MM in the gallery does indeed own a 166 SC as well. I'm guessing he was going to bring the 166 SC and registered it for the event, but brought this instead.

    The guy owns a bunch of great classic Ferraris. Including:
    1948 166 Spyder Corsa 014i
    1953 250 Europa Vignale Coupe 0313EU
    1953 375 MM Pinin Farina Spyder 0374AM
    1954 375 America Vignale Coupe 0337AL
    1955 410 Superamerica 0493SA
    1969(?) 365 GTB/4 Scaglietti “Prototipo” (first production 365 GTB/4)

    EDIT: He also has a Fiat 641N1 Factory Team transporter and other stuff in all likelihood.
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  19. Yet another one.
  20. I think it's a Standard Flying Nine or Eight.
  21. I'd say E93A series Ford.
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    Oddly enough it's starting to make sense to me though, lol! Tom Shaughnessy is a well know garage-finder of lost Ferraris. That could very well have started as an SC (kind of a bloated sausage looking thing w/ cycle fenders... unkind, but there ya go). A lot of these cars were treated pretty badly in the 50's & 60's and this one was probably wrecked and rebodied as the full-fendered Spyder we see today... all speculation on my part, mind you.
  23. Ford Anglia I think.

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