anyone own an 01-03 IS300?

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  1. Im thinking about trading my 02 mustang gt in for an 01 IS300 with higher miles and a lower payment. Has anyone ever owned an IS? I know itd at least accelerate slower than my mustang but Id certainly change that the same way a hell of alot of other people have with a nice turbo kit. I just want to know how people like them.
  2. They're pretty slow but they're nice cars. I see a lot of high miliage ones in the 250,000 to 300,000 range. Pretty solid car.

    How many more miles is higher miles? I see a lot of local ones with 70k for $9,000 - $10,500. Their value seems to have really taken a blow with the release of the IS350
  3. wtf, when did you get a Mustang? And a shitty one at that??
  4. Yeah they're really slow. They do sound great with an HKS Carbon-Ti exhaust though.
  5. AHAHA! you had a Chevy SSR? what the hell...
  6. That is really cheap, haven't seen any around that price around here

    One thing to know is that insurance is ridiculously high on it, and leg room in the back isn't very good, unless you don't care, and gas mileage is pretty crappy
  7. its still great car even if its "slow". Great looks and supra N/A engine.
  8. Since when was scooting from 0-60 in the low seven second range "slow" anyway? They're somewhere right below "quick", I'd say "spirited" would be a good way of putting it provided you're rocking the proper manual gearbox.

    They're indeed great cars, certainly on par with the European offerings of the time. Even though I'd prefer the shorter/lighter mad tyte JDM yo' 200 hp four cylinder it was designed to accomodate, the Supra six is still a real sweetheart of an engine that works well with the chassis. Provided you can find a manual variant (slushbox does make it rather slow) and don't mind the small backseat, there's little reason not to pick one up.
  9. seriously. i wouldn't call it "slow"... and you're right, manual is essential
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  11. I own a toyota Altezza which is basically a JDM IS200 except it has a beams dual vvti 4 cylinder 2 litre 3SGE with 200bhp factory, rather than the slow az 2 litre straight 6. I think they look good, and is very comfortable and has all the functions you would expect and is very reliable,has a quite a large boot space with enough room for 3 passengers in the back comfortably
  12. Your backseat passengers must be Asian as hell, or possibly gnomes. I'm rather small for an American (my dimunitive MR2-S is downright spacious to me) and still found the rear seats a tad confining. I could sit behind myself in reasonable comfort, but that's not saying much. It's a sardine can back there with three sweaty meat-bodies crammed together, and God help you if stuck behind a driver of decent height. Not that any of that would stop me from getting one.
  13. Youre exaggertating. You want small try 3 adults in the back of an s14
  14. Hahaha I got a mustang in August. Its a bright red 02 GT. Stock cept for exhaust. Its a nice car I must say. 68k miles for 11k. The IS300 has around 130k. And is for $8,500.

    Panda, got a an SSR for a week or so earlier last year. It was sorta cool. Not very comfy though. I liked the car, I just soon decided I needed rear seats at the time.

    If I get the IS Ill probably try and beef up the motor a little and boost it.
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  16. Get a 2003 G35 instead.
  18. Not enough cashooolah
  19. Actually I like the IS300, not as much as the G35 mind you, but if they're going for such awesome prices how can you go wrong. I mean shit for 8500 to buy a car that'll probably go another 100K miles before having any major meltdowns... That's THAT nice. That's a smokin' deal. For what I've sunk into my old Jag I could have an IS300... Maybe I should of. A lot less hassle! Plus I'd pull all the chixx then.

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