Anyone swim competively?

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  1. That's my number 1 reason why I wouldn't play water polo. Goddamn assholes grabbing/punching your balls underwater. I love playing rough, but playing dirty riles my blood.
    Girls do lots of fish hooking too. Yuck.
  2. hahaha nasty. I'd sneak some suction cup knuclkes into the water with me and do some enema uppercuts on those fools.
  3. quit suckin' my shit.
  4. Our national team trains at my pool and I know of one dude that had one of his nuts ripped off. Fcuk all that homie. I'd straight up go for the guy's eyeballs and then rip out his #$%#ing trachea.
  5. Haha, yeah nutgrabbing isn't too bad most of the time, and if you grab nuts you can fully expect to get a hard knee in the ribs or kidney.
  6. Youll be okay. Its not that hard on a school team. The hard teams are usually clubs and stuff. Then youve got things like early morning practice, then evening practice in one day. Its def. good for you as it exercises alot of your body at once. But if your just looking to get good and ripped...just lift weights. Youll be more like ominously ripped and be stronger. You dont gain the increased lung capacity though.
  7. I played with some guys that I swear just enjoyed doing it, it is really unerving when they try to actually get in your suit.
  8. You realize how nice it is to play a field sport like soccer, you do get some chances to catch your breath by just standing or walking. Waterpolo on the other hand, your rest time is spent treading water.
  9. but when you get good at it, treading is your rest time. Like during my work outs, running or normal skipping is the time to catch your breath.
  10. Well of coures as you get better at it, treading water is easy and a way to catch your breath. The point was the comparison of a sport like basketball where you do get the chance to just stand or walk every once in awhile.
  11. Fish hooking = finger in gina and hookin it? aww sick
  12. Girls are way worse about that stuff than guys. When I used to play the members of our girls team would usually wear 2 suits in case one of them got ripped off.

    The worst I've ever seen in guys polo is an elbow to the stomach, or maybe a jab to the kidneys. I've only played at a high school level though, and I'm sure it's much worse as you get more competitive.
  13. I's a great way to stay in Universities love it
  14. Drown competively.
  15. i need to know! haha
  16. obv
  17. Swimming competitively just seems really boring, and like someone said most of the people in swimming squads are snobs. I much prefer team sports like Soccer, Rugby or Cricket. Although im a regular cyclist.
  18. im a runner but im on swim team as well. Its a great experience but a lot of it has to do with form and experience rather than physical conditioning. not so much the longer races but the sprints for sure. the club swimmer with the best form ( diving included ) will win rather than simply the strongest or the person with the best cardio.
  19. ZAP!!!
  20. Basically everyone I knew that played wore at least two suits. Of course girls suits are easier to rip off easier. When you are spending hours in the pool everyday, your suit does start to break down and when you add to that all the contact in water polo it makes sense that the suits start to rip.

    On the subject of suits, my senior year as a captain I got to pick out the teams suits. I went with the philosophy of, "Hey it is already a speedo, might as well go as outrageous as possible." We got specific waterpolo suits that were made of a slick rubberized material. I went with the metallic silver and glossy black design. We ended up calling them "spaceman speedos." I wish I had a picture, they were hilarious.
  22. my girlfriend swims competitively for a Division 1 college team and did so all throughout high school. you should ask her.
  24. Yeah a bunch of the guys wore two suits as well, but ALL of the girls did it. I think I went through ~2 suits a season without anyone ripping any of mine. One of my friends had a pink with purple polka dot speedo he wore to a few games.
  25. oh man... that is just so terrible

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