anyone watch meet the barkers?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 5oh stang, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Anyone else watch that show that comes on mtv? It is the drummer from blink 182 who married some actress. Is it just me, or is she hot? She is some HQ milf matterial
  2. That show is still on?
  3. it just started its new seasons. She is pregnant again too.
  4. I didn't think anyone thought it was interesting enough to necessitate another season of it.
  5. She's some ex Miss-USA, but all she does on that show is eat and lay in her bed.
  6. lol, I like it. Alot better than that show where jessica simpson and that other guy was on. It might be because I liked blink 182's music and did not like hers.
  7. I'd rather turn off my TV and pretend I'm watching it instead of watching those shows.
  8. On one episode, travis is like. We are going to hawiaa, but it will not mess up your work. Maybe she does acting but it never shows it?
  9. Could be. I'm stuck on FLAVOR FLAAAAAAAV!'s new show on VH1. They gave him 50 huge hood rat ghetto ass #%!@es to chose from when just a year ago he fell in love with a 12 foot Italian butch white chick.
  10. I was flipping through the channels and saw that. Those girls has some huge butts. It was grossing me out.
  11. It's nice to watch when nothing else is on. The mom is hot, and Travis is pretty cool. His band Transplants kick ass.
  12. I cant stand how ugly he is/dumb they are

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