AP is heading to Switzerland

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  1. Make sure you have really bulletproof insurance.
    I know of a guy that went to Germany (from Australia) to go to one of these special clinics. He died over there, and the family had to pay for the repatriation of his body (which is eye-wateringly expensive). Wiped a huge chunk off his estate, and that wasn't able to be liquidated until well after his repatriation, which meant having to borrow money.

    If something happens, you will want to be covered.
  2. That is terrible, but it might be pretty hard to get travel insurance if you are potentially terminal Im guessing.

    Best of luck AP, Im sure they will do a fantastic job and really help you out.
  3. Well I'd rather not turn this into a political debate but I was actually interviewing for a job in Switzerland and at the same time of my interview, the Swiss put up a vote for a government run health insurance program and abolish the private insurance and it was defeated 28% vs 65% and rest undecided or something to that effect.

    US healthcare system has been cratering for a long time, the majority of the insurance companies get billions in govt subsidies while ripping off their holders. The pharmaceutical industry now runs all the major medical schools.
  4. I have made the proper arrangements but I appreciate your extra thought.
  5. Yeah I have a laundry list when time permits. My girlfriend wants to visit a variety of art museums. I want to check out the Audi and Porsche factories, WW2 history in Cologne, then the Alps in Switzerland and Austria. This is all barring if I recover, obviously, otherwise I won't have the energy to do those things.
  6. It'll still happen. Be it gradually or suddenly. There is more pent-up inflation than ever in global markets.
  7. I loved Switzerland. It will be totally different than NY, much more peaceful and quiet. I'd want to be there given your circumstances. Best wishes.
  8. Yes don't get me wrong, I still strongly believe the fundamentals are deeply flawed and there will be major consequences to the increasing debt levels. But I will never make a timed prediction again; that was foolish of me. The timing is impossible.
  9. i think ap is right
    every joke we make is a callback to an event that happened at least 3 years ago
  10. ap seems to have matured a lot

    good luck curing your brain illness. i used to be afraid of lymes disease as a kid because i did a lot of camping
  11. If anyone has the misfortune of being in salmon arm bc ... go to Cranog. One of the best micros in Canada.
  12. thank you... it was 2009
  13. yeah maryland was just declared a lyme disease epidemic, first it was new york, then Pennsylvanian, then Maryland <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

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