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  1. it's good to have you back burner
  2. this thread is a disaster
  3. "I could put together a build with 12 atom cores, by your logic, that is comparable to an i7 extreme CPU."

    It's not just my logic, it's the logic of Apple fanboys as well. Here is a benchmark test from MacWorld of the eight core Mac Pro versus a quad core i7 powered iMac:

    We published our first benchmarks of our review model, and the results were in some ways surprising: The eight-core 2013 Mac Pro was only 8 percent faster in our Speedmark 9 benchmark suite than a CTO 2013 iMac maxed out with a quad-core 3.5GHz Core i7 processor, a 3TB Fusion Drive, 8GB of RAM, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M graphics (a $2699 configuration). In the individual tests that make up our Speedmark benchmark, the iMac actually beat the new Mac Pro in a Finder test, the iMovie test, the iTunes test, the Aperture test, the Parallels test, and the Cinebench OpenGL test. It also beat the Mac Pro in GeekBench 3’s single-core benchmark.

    Speedmark 9 scores
    Mac model Speedmark 9 Score
    Mac Pro 8-Core/3.0GHz (Late 2013) 350
    Mac Pro 12-core/2.4GHz (Mid 2012) 196
    Mac Pro quad-core/3.2GHz (Mid 2012) 171
    27-inch iMac quad-core/3.5GHz CTO (Late 2013) 326
    15-inch Retina MacBook Pro quad-core/2.3GHz (Late 2013) 282


    Then the question is, about the dual GPUs, is that even needed? Apple markets this to the professional. Most common use will be in FCPX and AVID, which last time I checked, does not have support for dual GPUs...
  4. What is your point here? Are you seriously trying to say I am stupid because I didn't know some obscure acronym that has no baring on my life at all?
  5. i think you're stupid for aggressively defending one of the richest companies in the world like your character is under attack
  6. yarly
  7. Gotta give it up to Steve Jobs. Dude made a cult following out of making shiny toys where fans fight to the death to defend these stupid things
  8. Foxconn
  9. by far the most impressive thing about Apple.

    It's just a damn computer, ffs.
  10. he is talking about the processor ... which is made by samsung however they are transitioning to ARM so what % is currently made by samsung is changing
  11. he is talking about the processor ... which is made by samsung however they are transitioning to ARM so what % is currently made by samsung is changing
  12. That's actually seriously retarded. Its sort of like the people who re-format once a year.
  13. well not everyone can be brilliant like you and I
  14. I've got a Netgear RangeMax Wireless N, I picked it up from the TigerDirect outlet in Atlanta about two years ago now. The only time it has been power cycled is when the power goes out. My Motorola Surfboard Extreme SB6120 however.. it usually gets power cycled once every 1 to 2 months.

    As far as range, my house is roughly 1,900 sqft, single story. The router is positioned at the furthest front corner of the house and the bedroom, which is at the complete other furthest point, I still get three bars of reception.
  15. No, I don't care what you buy, but I am astounded that some of you can't see a tangible difference in quality of product. I have android devices, I have with XP, W7, W8.1 on them. I am thinking about buying a Galaxy Tab8 and I don't own an iPad, not because it is better, but because an iPad can't do usb OTG and a TAb8 can, and I want to plug in a 433mhz radio to communicate with my drones. But Im not considering buying it because it is a superior product, its just cheap and does the one thing I specifically need it for.
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    You literally have no idea what you are talking about.

    Samsung manufactures ARM chips for iOS products. They are designed by apple, using ARM architecture, and fabricated at a Samsung plant. This is the way it has always been, iOS has always used ARM. ARM is not a manufacturer, it is an architecture. The latest gen of Apple arm chips are far more powerful than anything Samsung has in their phones, comparable to desktop processing power

    Apple has acquired a fabrication company called TSMC which it is rumoured will take some of the manufacturing load off Samsung (or add to it).
  17. I don't think Malvern is an outer suburb. Not to happy about them rezoning Chadstone though.

    Anyway, heaps of people in the city wear RM Williams, probably 20-30% of people in suits. Clarkson, Hammond and May all wear RM Williams too. They are amazing hand made boots, with leather soles. They are expensive but they last for years. The only catch is to get a pair that fits you have to go into the RM Williams store and try on like 40 pairs, because they are all a little different. I think they start at about $400 in the RM Williams stores, which is money well spent, and if anything goes wrong, you take it in and they resole them for free.
  18. man all my stuff is on a 1600va UPS, at least 60mins of Internets.

    I have full 802,11n speed from second story (office, left corner), to the basement on the opposite side (right corner). Depends on the router.

    (I still wired the basement for Cat6 though <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> )
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    Apple did not acquire TSMC, and such an act would be a huge shift in their now-40 year business model - Apple has never manufactured their own chips, although they did collaborate with Motorola and Motorola/IBM in design. They entered into a partnership. Many chip designers (Apple, AMD, Nvidia, Qualcomm and so on) are 'fabless', meaning they don't physically produce the processors they design. TSMC is a contract fab, which competes for work with companies like GlobalFoundries. Intel and Texas Instruments are among the few semiconductor developers that actually manufacture their products.

    Edit: and re: desktop performance, really its not even close. Perhaps the total performance of an A7 (CPU + GPU) in single precision will match desktop low-to-mid level CPU performance in ideal conditions, but in total performance that's just a ludicrous thing to say. One phrase: thermal design power.
  20. My dad wears RMs, he is from the country though.
    He hasn't purchased a pair in probably 20 years.

    By the way, did you go to the RM Williams/Berkenstock/Doc Martin shop in the city? I saw that when I was there and thought that was a rather weird combination.
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    Im not up on Apple's business model, but this was the persistent rumour for a long time. Im not sure of their financial arrangements.

    I am also not sure about desktop performance, I am not a big enough nerd, but I suggest your read the article in the previous post, as desktop performance is what it suggests. Im sure it is hyperbole, but it does highlight the fact that it is in a class of its own for a production processor.
  22. Actually, my problem with Apple is not the hardware, it's the software.

    And Samsung also makes the Retina displays.
  23. the fact woot agrees should have ended this a while ago
  24. Last pair I bought in England. Before that I got a pair in bridge road in Richmond and in the Como centre in South Yarra. There is a proper RM Williams store in Melbourne Central also I think.

    You need to go to a proper store and try on heaps of pairs, because literally every pair is different. The ones I got in England are shit, because they don't import half sizes, and I need half sizes. A perfect fit is imperative.
  25. haha

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