Apple shows new iPod Shuffle with no buttons

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by autophile, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Seriously, this is getting stupid. Now you have to use the inclueded headphones or you can't control the device.
  2. i hate ipods, but the shuffle is on another level.
  3. Apple fanboi find this creative and productive. #$%#ing hipsters.
  4. It "talks to you". Seriously, this thing reads out the file tags to you when you press the button, or it will read a list of all your playlists, click when you want it to play one of them. I mean, WTF? Just put a damned screen on it.
  5. I hate apple.
  6. save money on the screen, put same price tag or more
  7. Someone who owned this wouldn't think of owning non-apple headphones anyway, so this is not a major concern.
  8. The shuffle is basically for exercising and nothing else. Anyone who is bothered by the sound quality of Apple headphones vs say a pair of Westones while exercising is just retarded. I actually prefer shitty headphones like Apple ones when I jog.

    Still, no buttons on the player is stupid, but then again I've always considered the shuffle stupid when the Nano's small enough for anything anyway.
  9. Its true that pretty much anyone buying this would be using the stock headphones, but what about when they break or get lost? Instead of buying any cheap 'phones you have to shell out what I can only imagine will be a substantial amount for these special ones. And its not like there isn't room on the player for buttons, so what if it would have to be 1mm thicker.
  10. You just do what you should have done in the first place, you buy a normal mp3 player.
  11. I have 10% rebate on all Apple products.
  12. so thats like what 400 dollars back? not bad
  14. they should make an iPod Button with no shuffle or anything

    just a big on and off button with a wire hanging out
  15. iPod Melburn Shuffle
  16. oh god i would buy this
  18. Hating a company for the products it produces is stupid.
    If you don't like a product then don't buy it, but don't sit around winging about how much you hate a product you don't own.
  19. thats pretty damned weak.

    and sound quality is hardly the only reason to get different headphones. The apple ones are uncomfortable and fall out all the time (like most earbuds do on me). Being able to have some of the wrap around the back of the head kind would be mega nice.

    one day microsoft will exact revenge on apple by punishing them with anti-trust lawsuits like mad. Microsoft can even package software together, but apple can make a player that standardized headphones cant use? srsly.
  20. they did that with the iphone for no good #$%#ing reason. they recessed the damn headphone jack in such a way that at the time, only apple headphones could fit.

    im shocked they werent sued for that.
  21. hands up if you've ever said "GM is shit"
  22. Wow people, it won't be hard for some company to sell the control device seperately with a headphone jack on it so you can plug your own headphones into it. Big deal.
  23. No comment but it is nice to see the steady march of progress, 1000 songs in your pocket used to look like this.
  25. Its just upsetting that someone else would want to own this while there are easier and cheaper routes.

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