Are these car as safety as volvos ?

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  1. I'm allways hearing about volvo safety/security.

    What do you think about Saab ?<!-- Signature -->
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    These cars are just as safe as Volvo. If you check the statistics and test, even safer than Volvo!<!-- Signature -->
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    Saab's have a reputation for safety but I think in the last decade they have lost a lot of credibility. The 900/9-3 platform looked aweful in offset frontal collisions, with driver sustaining moderate to serious injury. The older style 900's of the 80's won high marks for safety cage and overall protection.
    My grandparents went off an icy bridge in the old 99 body and landed upside down on ground, both of them walked away!

    I think the new Saabs reputation rely on too much retoric and not enough on design and testing, though they are still pretty decent.
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    saabs and volvo's are in the same class of car, but saab is a GM product, and volvo is a ford, so they both crap<!-- Signature -->
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    Volvos aint Crap i doubt it uve ever driven one or a "porche" for that matter and volvos are safer than saabs and Volvos will always be Swedens Number 1 Car if it wasnt for Volvo there wood be no such thing as A seatbelt,ABS,Airbags,SIPS(Side Impact Protection System)powersteering and any other safety feature actually so suck my Lolipop Muthertrucker<IMG SRC="">;)<!-- Signature -->
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    yes of course they're as safe or even safer than volvos. The big insurcane company Folksam in sweden has statics over how safe cars are(taken from the results of real accidents) and it shows that both saab 900/9-3 and 9-5 are very safe. EuroNcap's commentary on the safety in the Saab 9-5 was: "safest car ever tested" let's see here volvo and safety inventions okey. First of all Saab were actually first in the world with sidepreotecion it came as early as 1971 if i'm not totally wrong. Safety belts Saab actually was first with(as standard equipment) but volvo invented the new form of safety belt with 3 points instead of two. Power steering is probably older than volvo=)) And anti whiplash seats in the cars is a Saab also has it, but Saab is the only one of them that can prove that it there system actually helps, 75% lesser whiplash injuries in Saab 9-5 than in Saab 9000 which didn't have any kind of whiplash protection system.
    You're bragging about a lousy Volvo 440 it's not even built in sweden=)) it's built in the netherlands or something like that...
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    Yeah, my uncle got rear ended in one and he walked away.
  8. Re:

    In european tests they have been about the same, atleast the bigger 9-5 model and S60/V70/S80. The smaller 9-3 is a older modell (and vill replaced very soon, the new model has been presented) and might be less safe but wait for the new 9-3 (which has much better handling)

  9. Something abt Volvo!!!

    here is somthing about Volvo!!!

    This is in Swedish: V o l v o
    i r a ä l
    s n r y
    a d s c
    k e t k
    a t a o
    r s r

    Read it downwards.. if you are not from sweden it means: We, Causes, the countries, Worst, Accidents... and i think its right!

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    Saab still design the cars jackass, GM is just funding the whole thing..Saab and Volvo is NOT crap.. Go Saab!!
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    Volvo and Saab have always produced the safest cars.
  12. Just for knowledge....

    The key has always been a strong chassi for both Volvo and Saab.

    The old Volvo 240 is called the tank in teh US. Why? No, dead people in this model in accidents for 20 years. Extremely strong body!

    The early SaabŽs, speaking the V4 and 99 always improved the chassis/body on their cars in the production models. This made the swedish rally-drivers aware that it was totaly unnecessary to build a roll-cage for their competition cars!!!
    A friende of mine driving a V4 in oldtimer rallying cutted the roof of a another V4. This would cause a normal car to collapse. The V4 didnŽt move an inch!!!

    Im proud of being a swedish citizen and you maybe understand why =)

    Porsches are good cars but too expensive. IŽve owned an 964 yearmodel 91. IŽt has Volkswagen interior parts. That too me is not what you could expect. But it drives like #$%#ing mad though!!

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    Both Saab's and Volv's are the safest cars in the world. Living in Sweden, you would feel paranoid about crashing into an Elk or a Moose!
    See if you can get a hold of the crash test footage, then you will know what I'm talking about!
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    IŽm from Sweden and logically i speak Swedish.

    This means jackshit in other words: nothing itŽs not even words.

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