Are these cars handmade?

Discussion in '2002 Bentley Arnage T' started by SchnazzBerry, Aug 9, 2002.

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    ummmm why is there a BMW engine in a car owned by VW<!-- Signature -->
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    VW owns Rolls Royce, but BMW has Bentley. It seems there was a conflict over the purchase a few years ago, and BMW did own both for a while, but settled for Bentley, which is the more performance oriented marque.

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is indeed a supercar.
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    uhh Otto, you got it the wrong way round...... Rolls Royce and bently have a partnership between each other. BMW is about to buy Rolls Royce, and Bently is owned by VW. This is a 6.75litre engine which is developed by VW, not BMW. Rolls Royce uses the BMW 5 litre V12 engine, and because Rolls Royce have a partnership with Bently, Bently too uses the BMW 5 litre V12 in the Bently Arnage, however the 6.75 litre engine is used by the Bently Arnage T....

    Cleared things up?? Or did i just turn you guys upside down?
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    They most certainly are. They would problably be 2/3 the price if they were machine built. But you get such better quality out of hand built.
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    Uh Yeah, theyve been made handmade ever since they came out, except for the engine which is made by BMW in Germany.
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    Yes these cars handmade, and since they are a part of the BMW group their engines are produced from Germany, and all else is made in england. Connolly Leather anyone?
  7. I heard that Rolls-Royce cars are handmade, but are Bentley's? Anyone who knows what they're talking about, please reply.

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