Are u a predator

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  1. Or are u prey
  2. Predator, Chris Hansen says so.
  3. I'm a preydator.
  4. i will swallow you in real
  5. I'm your mother#$%#er
  6. I'm more hunter-gatherer
  7. Prey, just remember that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers were prey. I'm in pretty good company.
  8. I don't understand
  9. As predators

    Humans are omnivorous. They hunt and trap animals using weapons and tools like snares, clubs, spears, fishing gear, firearms to boats, and motor vehicles. Humans even use other predatory species, (such as dogs, cormorants, and falcons) in hunting and fishing; some people even enlist such non-predatory beasts, like horses, camels, and elephants in getting approaches to prey.

    Humans have reshaped huge expanses of the world as ranges and farms for the raising of livestock, poultry, and fish to be eaten as meat. However, it can be debated whether or not harvesting livestock fits strictly in the definition of predation.

    Human raising and eating of livestock is part of agriculture, and involves the feeding of and caring for animals, followed by their being slaughtered with an appropriate tool, cutting up, and cooking. In many cultures, animals are hunted or farmed by specialists (such as ranchers or fishermen), brought to a marketplace, and sold in pieces to the people who actually consume the meat.

    As prey

    A lone naked human is at a physical disadvantage to other comparable apex predators in areas such as speed, bone density, weight, and physical strength. Humans also lack innate weaponry such as claws. Without crafted weapons, society, or cleverness, a lone human can easily be defeated by fit predatory animals, such as wild dogs, big cats and bears. However, humans are not solitary creatures; they are social animals with highly developed social behaviors. Early humans, such as Homo erectus, have been using stone tools and weapons for well over a million years. Anatomically modern humans have been apex predators since they first evolved, and many species of carnivorous megafauna actively avoid interacting with humans; the primary environmental competitor for a human is other humans. The one subspecies of carnivorous megafauna that does interact frequently with humans in predatory roles is the domestic dog, but usually as a partner in predation especially if they hunt together. Cannibalism has occurred in various places, among various cultures, and for various reasons.
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    Damn that's a big pussy

    You see, 'cause of the echo!
  12. Die Hard, Predator or Terminator 2?

  13. don't label me

  14. so, stupid question
  15. lol yeah the correct answer is You are a Predator.
  16. T2
  17. Predator, obviously.
  18. demolition man
  19. Die hard
  20. The people not selecting Terminator 2 are just so hilariously wrong.
  21. Crocodile Dundee
  22. I think I may have seen you featured on to catch a predator, does that count ?

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