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  1. How can gay people not simply decide to be straight?!?
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    Lol exactly. It's bunk logic straight from the 1950s... While I agree diagnoses are perhaps more prevalent than the diseases/illnesses themselves, you can't disregard them entirely.

    I'm curious as to what you do when you encounter homeless folk. Probably something like this
  3. Dork, you don't get diagnosed as gay. There are no drugs for it. I really don't think that's the same thing.
  4. Which is impossible, unfortunately. It IS possible for you to join the military, however. At the very least if you try and fail the psych exam, we will know your mind games are more than just a bad attitude.
  5. Kind of an insult to your fellow soldiers with PTSD....just sayin'
  6. PTSD?

    That's not how you spell bad attitude!
  7. Not trying to pull out my card or anything, but I think two suicide attempts months apart from each other, and a nice vacation in a psych ward kind of refute the possibilities of me simply having a bad attitude.
  8. I dunno, I knew a lot of kids in highschool who did that shit because goth was a new thing and they were enjoying the drama. Turns out they were just being stupid and now they regret acting like idiots.
  9. You're comparing guys who got shot at... to Mark. I don't see that as an insult at all, I find the comparison to be irrelevant.
  10. I regret doing it, but not because it was idiotic.
  11. I am not discounting a soldiers work whatsoever Max, but very few of them get shot at nowadays. Especially Canadian ones.
  12. Well that was just about the dumbest thing you've ever said, ever.
  13. And you're a clinical psychologist? I see your point as irrelevant.....just sayin'

    And thus your opinion rendered weightless and void. You're still entitled to it, and I'm sure you think you're right. And that's fine. However, you're stupid... fyi.
  15. You serious bro.....
  16. You serious bro.....
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  18. Unlike Max here, I have the ability to say that I am wrong when presented with evidence.

    I apologize for my mistake.
  19. Sorry, what evidence have I been presented about what topic?
  20. *Anymore*
  21. Well there are still drugs for it, but they're self-directed recreational, so that's a lil diff.
  22. I don't know that drug treatments were ever popular, but behavioral therapy definitely was. It was most certainly viewed as a mental disorder among many healthcare professionals for most of the 20th Century.

    I wouldn't equate homosexuality and depression in scale and categorization, but a lot of people did for a long time. While it's no longer the case that you can be diagnosed and treated for the gay, it was in the past. However, as we learned more, our views on the subject changed. Sort of like yours should on depression.

    It may or may not be over-diagnosed, and there may be a lot of whiny teenagers using it as a crutch, but there is definitely something substantive in depression. A person suffering depression can no more easily change his frame of mind and snap out of it, than you can lift yourself by your own boot-straps.
  23. You don't see any possible correlation between pharmaceutical companies penchant for selling drugs and an epidemic of over-diagnosis of something that is still only partially understood and rather anomalous?
  24. Correlation is not causation. The rise in depression diagnoses could very plausibly be due to better screening and reduced social stigma associated with the disease.
  25. mmmmmm.... Could be!

    But could be something else too.

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