Army T-shirt

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  1. This one's mine. I was in Information Security. You can pretty much figure this out on your own, but for the slower ones - a soldier giving a top secret file to a terrorist, and the writing says "(Initials for Information Security) Even we have a price".
  2. i dont get it.

    just tell me if i'm at risk of being blown up.
  3. everyone gave jews hooked noses

    and the jews are giving it to arabs

    kinda lol

    but yo man, whats up? where you been?
  4. I never went anywhere. I'm going to Japan next wednesday, though, for two weeks.
  5. i have a jobless t-shirt
  6. you disappeared you liar

    sick I wanna go there

    shoot your own tentacle-porno!
  7. which ones the terrorist
  8. No and actually I spend around 9 hours a day online and available on MSN because it helps with work boredom.
  9. By the way, since my Sarcasometer seems to be malfunctioning, if people are really not getting this, that makes me feel real good/superior.
  10. gotta be on at normal times

    I mean me, Ididn't see you

    I got some paid shoots done! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  11. my friends have a bunch of ofeq-related ones as they're in aman... kinda cartoonish
  12. When I first looked at it I assumed the one with the money box was the jew. Then I realized the other one's nose was bigger.
  13. wow, pathetic

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