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    Ok, Ive ordered some new panels from the UK for my Bike. Only Problem is they come in plain white and i have to get them painted, but i dont know what colour. If any of you are any good with photo shop you should be able to come up with a decent scheme. if i like the paintwork I will paint it on my bike and have your name painted on the bodywork too.

    Heres the link for what im buying
  2. So basically it's this, but then all-white? This sounds like a cool challenge
  3. Which panels are you ordering?
  4. yeeeah, that bodywork looks so sexy on the 250
  5. Ive recieved delivery of the headlight surround and the two side panels, the seat part will come eventually, i just need some more money before i get them, but the scheme should cover the whole bike. If you guys cant come up with anything im thinking pearl white, with maybe a green or blue thick stripe with two smaller pinstripes on either side, running along the top of the fairing, along the tank and up the seat.
  6. Gulf Racing colours, srsly.
  8. matte blk with neon color stripe. Maybe glow-in-the-dark paint.
  9. got the panels back yesterday, pearl white with a hint of blue through them, though i'll probably change it sometime. ATM i might put some matte gray or black stickers on it. will post photos when the panels are on it

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