Aston unveils first completed One-77

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by SupraMan, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Are you serious?

    Tattling to the principal through an open forum?

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  2. you are very rapidly becoming my favourite member.
  3. All I wanted was to talk about some cars.

    I had no idea this was the cyberspace equivalent of a shortbus--complete with floor-pounding temper-tantrums and poo flinging.
  4. oh, the irony
  5. Ignoring the posts which seperate this one and the one I'm replying to...

    You literally just described Ferrari's current produce. An F430 is neither faster, better-made, better-looking, better-sounding, or even significantly cheaper than the opposition produced down the road.
    The reason it sells is because many people have trouser accidents at the idea of comparing themselves with Michael Schumacher. Ooh, they exclaim, you can feel that racing heritage surging stickily through the steering wheel when you pull the lever of the orgasmically-monikered F1 gearbox, when the little LED lights dictate to you the exact correct moment to shift, when you fiddle with the mannetino switch and adjust your dampers! And it's red, just like Michael Schumacher's car!

    Ferrari today is synonymous with masturbation for a great many buyers, and this is easily discerned from their Cavallino Rampante caps, faux-racing-uniform shirts and Schumacher haircuts.

    Lamborghini has no racing heritage to sell its cars - hell, it has a highly compromised heritage in general, having spent half of its lifespan broke and under horrific management. So the only thing that can possibly attract a buyer is the merits of the cars themselves.
  6. There isn't a whole lot we can do about posers, pretenders or 60 year old men looking for 20 year old girlfriends.

    As for your other claims, I've heard plenty of people argue it both ways and despite your conviction, your opinion is neither unique nor conclusive on the subject. The f430 and the gallardo may post similar numbers, but this example is anecodotal, as Lamborghini does not produce anything that comes close to an FXX, or a 599xx. Their current top of the line Murcielago nips at the heels of the 6 year old enzo, and the enzo successor promises to run laps around it.

    The fact that Ferrari even bothers to include their die-hard fanatics in a developement program like FXX to evolve new technologies for future models already sets them apart, 60 year old men notwithstanding.

    Ferrari's halo model--the one that shows the extent of what they can do, has always bettered the stuff of the company down the road--and most any other builder. Comparing the Enzo with the Reventon is pretty one-sided if you consider performance only. Putting the best either can offer side by side on the track and you get what most would expect--a hard core track car against a 12 cylinder fashion show. Yes, one of them is not street legal, but not surprisingly, those that can afford the fxx and love to drive enough to spend that money really don't care. How many lamborghini owners buy their cars JUST for their prowess on the track? I know of about 30 that spend upwards of 2.5 million on Ferraris for just that reasons, and if there were 30 more available to be purchased, the buyers would line up, and 30 more, and 30 more, and 30 more....

    But even ignoring all that, the fact that Ferrari still comes from where it does distinguishes everything they build, be it an f40 or a California, from a company that turned scissor doors into a trademark.

    You're right that Lamborghini makes sales based on their cars. They've cornered the market on head-turning styling. That's their niche, that's their business model. Good for them. Their shamelessness deserves some respect (no sarcasm), but for some reason, it just doesn't do anything for me. I'd take a scuderia with tinted windows over a blown murci with a drop top any day of the week, and I'd take it in some hole in the wall in the midwest instead of 1A1 in Miami.

    The fact that the vast majority of ferrari owners opt for the cconvertible so they can tan their bald spot does not define their cars to the extent that their heritage, their developement programs, or their accomplishments do--at least not to those of us who care, who aspire to own one, or who simply to side with them as so many choose to side with one basketball team over another, even though both are basically similar in so many ways.

    This debate could go on forever. You'll find your ferrari camps, your porsche camps, your lamborghni camps, even your chevy camps. In the end, they're all four wheels, an engine and a transmission. the best ones always resemble each other more than they do the mediocre ones, and yet their fans will be in constant battle with one another, trying to accentuate those minor variations which make their car of choice distinctive, while putting down the minor variations mastered by the rival.

    I like ferraris. I don't care if they're prettier or not, I don't care which one is more likely to turn the heads of onlookers. Just like you might like the Chicago Bulls, or the Lakers, or the Celtics, I have my team of choice. Now, given the tone of this website, I also reserve the right to toss out some crudely-worded insults at the competitor.

    When it comes down to serious talk, I'll also be one of the first to admit the similarities between my team and the rival... I'll of course claim that those similarities are the only thing that bring credibility to the house of Lambo, and I'll argue forever how everything that makes them different is what makes Ferraris timeless, classic, iconic and the standard by which all should be judged, but this is what we're here to do.

  7. Ugh, I was this close to banning him thinking nobody would miss him.
  8. Akusher, you're only getting one warning and you're lucky to get it. Fanboys on this site are never going to be taken seriously on this website. Mindless Oath, Ragingbull, they all sealed their fates and ruined the cars they adore for everyone else.

    The only thing worse than a fanboy is an anti-fanboy. So do yourself and everyone else a favour and kindly STFU.
  9. You should just go ahead and ban me. Being taken seriously on this site sounds like a condemnation to long-term celibacy.

    With the exception of a couple functioning-brained members, the only thing I've seen on this site are a bunch of shrilly little chihuahuas that you'd never see, hear or notice in real life.

    The moderators, I think, they farm exclusively from double testicle-ectomy hospital wards. Supraman was a good sport, but anybody who makes multiple threats of a banning and still fails to do so really is a little kunt... Correction, calling you a kunt should give rise to a defamation cause of action from the kunts of this world.

    In case it's not clear, the above paragraph is in reference to you personally, Atomic...

    Ban away, cocksocker.

  11. i'm desperately looking for some kind of sarcasm but can't find it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  12. You ever seen a Lagonda or a Virage?
  14. That was very funny.
  15. Apparently even the sales brochures are outragous. Cost is GBP 300 a piece.
  16. This thread is a trainwreck
  17. That aston needs smaller wheels. My 2c
  18. Barp barp barp barp!1
    H-town reprezent???
  19. Looks cool, I like it.
  20. Certain cars come along every now and then and display fanatical attention to detail and they make you redefine what quality of workmanship is and this is one of those special and rare cars.

    Some others are below.

    McLaren F1
    Zonda F Clubsport

    Can anyone add to the list?

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