Aston's next move: 700bhp DBX?

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    How much do you want this to show up?
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    The Prodrive factor…

    Under new ownership and planning a 700bhp uber coupe. This is the future of Aston Martin according to UK rag Auto Express. Codenamed DBX, the new car will be positioned to take on the likes of M-B’s Macca SLR and capable of well over 200mph…

    Auto Express reckons power will be delivered by a 700bhp, 6-litre revision of AM’s Ford-derived V12 lump. Performance of over 205mph, with 60mph flashing up in around 3.5 seconds, is expected to be the order of the day. The chassis is the increasingly familiar VH item, as used for both the DB9 and V8 Vantage.

    Following the recent announcement that a consortium headed by a certain Dave Richards had bagged Aston Martin, head honcho Ulrich Bez alluded to a wider range of vehicles and reportedly mooted the ‘DBX’ moniker. No further details were divulged, however the British brand has confirmed both the DBS coupe and Rapide four-door are still go for production following the sale from Ford Mo Co.

    Whether the DBX is really a goer or just a figment of the imagination at the Auto Express collective, with Dave Richard on board, it’s a given that Prodrive will be ever more closely involved with the developments of future Aston
  2. I hope not. Release the DBS first at least.
  3. I think Aston needs to stay on the level they are. No need to compete with the hypercars
  4. I totally agree!!!
    it sounds great, but how will it turn out in practise? the vyron is a good example of delusions of grandure! i think AM should stick to what they know and build off that. a 700HP rocket just doesn't scream AM to me. DB5, DB9, DBS V8 and DBS those scream AM!
  5. I don't think they should do this, nor talk about it while the DBS is still in development. Can only hurt sales of people looking for the top of the line Aston.

    Then again, 550hp for the DBS is a little low by todays standards. I've driven the DB9, and's more than enough, but ultra luxury is about excess. I think putting the top car of Aston into the 620-650hp range is adequate (especially if they continue to laden down these cars with extra goodies adding weight). 700 is overkill - and definately hypercar territory.
  6. I think the DBS is due out very soon actually.
  7. i think with regard to your last line they may need to add 700BHP to comphensate for the luxury and then make the car competitive against the opposition, a bit like the SLR. But seeing that you've driven a DB9 and you say its adequate, maybe your right.

    just as an afterthought will the Rapide be against the flying spur/arnage or will it be aimed at S-class, or the quattroporte?
  8. i don't think AM needs to persure the SLR directly. the SLR is not what it was hyped up to be, it is great, but an AMG SL65 will smoke it on rolling acceleration and in a few other power areas. i think AM should stay the course. they have such a unique positioning in that they compete a little bit with all the supercar manufacturers, but still maintain such an individuality. they should resist the urge to be everything to everyone.

    as for your after thought.....i hope so! i would rather see an AM sedan to compete with those cars then a 700HP beast.....although i have kind of contridicted myself, because that is not what AM is know which would i support more..........if it were a coupe aimed at the CL/CLS thne the S then i would say that would be the direction to go.
  9. well quite honestly in a 4000lb car, 300hp is *adequate*...

    The Rapide is kind of in a class of its own. The only available alternative is the MB CLS. If you don't care for the coupe marketting gimmick, then it's more like a sporty 7 series or S-class...although will be smaller inside as it's not supposed to be a saloon/limo.
  10. I'd imagine the Maserati Quattroporte would actually be the Rapide's biggest competitor. It's more sedan-like, but it's very similar in terms of being a really fast, exotic four-door.
  11. the Porsche Panamera will also be competition.
  12. I like the sound of a car placed above the DBS, which is probably going to be on sale in NA by the fall. However, I hear ProDrive has plans for not only a new V12, but a mid engine balls to the wall Aston supercar in the future, so I have no idea how they plan to work it all into the budget. If they want to do that, they should focus on more profitable baby Astons.
  13. well, looking at its shape from the test mules, and cosidering it is going to be an hatchback, I think design-wise the Rapide will be way better.
  14. Flying Spur, QP, CLS and the upcoming 8 series will be its competitors
  15. hmm it seems like aston could be getting a bit over ambitous under new management

    dbs, dbx and rapide in 3 years maybe but i dont think so
  16. nothing will stand a chance ...
  17. there is much more to a car then its hp figure
  18. Wow. STFU.
  19. Basicly any thing with DB on its name scream BMW to you ... how smart
  20. Looks like Aston Martin is going to join the horsepower wars.
  21. There's no need, but I'd be willing to bet when it's all said and done, every car will be accounted for rather quickly.
  22. Aston Martin have always been in the horsepower wars.

    1963 - Aston Martin DB4 Zagato - 314 BHP
    1969 - Aston Martin DB6 Series II - 325 BHP
    1977 - Aston Martin V8 Vantage Series I - 385 BHP
    (and faster than a Ferrari 512BB, Testarosa and Lambo Countach)
    1988 - Aston Martin V8 Vantage Series II 580 'X-pack' - 420 BHP (or 470 BHP with AM Works Service 7.0 litre 'Big Bore' conversion)
    1993 - Aston Martin V8 Virage Vantage - 550 BHP
    1998 - Works Prepared Aston Martin Driving Dynamics V600 Vantage - 600 BHP

    Aston have always been about power AND style, their GT cars through the 70s, 80s and 90s were all about big engines with big grunt. Don't let the sexy DB7s and DB9s fool you into thinking Astons are all about refined, smooth design and understated performance.

  23. +1
    I love your Aston related posts. Allthough I know all those cars for a long time and have seen their pics many times, they make me smile every time a see their picture or read about them.
  24. Bring back the 90's V8 Vantage!!

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