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    Guibo im ready to race any vette on my home turth (qualcomm stadium) any time bro, im very confident in my and my car's ability, i can take a vette... Im not stock, but i can take a stock vette
    LOL, that's partly because stock Corvettes aren't really track-oriented cars anyway. So you've got a mid-engined car that weighs a couple hundred pounds LESS than a Corvette, makes the same power as a Corvette, and doesn't come equipped with runflat tires like a Corvette. And you're saying you'll beat it in a parking lot race? LMAO! How about we throw some runflats on your car and soften the suspension up a bit? Sound more evenly matched?

    Anyway, post your list of mods again. And a dyno sheet.

    What's your take on Doug Hayashi?
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    Dude called you on let's see the answers WAY2FAST4YOU.
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    WAY2FAST is a cocksucker, anuyone else agree?
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    I totally disagree with all these disrespectful things that you are saying about a person you have never met before and just because i drive a respectable car does not mean you have to direspect me.

    So many disbelievers here so i went to a local garage and had my NSX dynoed here are the results. Talk to you later

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    the actual max HP is 341 not 314 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> just clearing up that misconception
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    Uh-huh. I thought you said you were in San Diego. Your IP address confirms this. Then why is your "local dyno shop" in Ft Lauderdale, Florida?:

    And why do "your" dyno charts look a lot like this turbocharged RSX's? The numbers, in hp and tq, are identical:

    Owned? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    OH DAMN! This is about the most official ownage I have ever seen!
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    most defenetly owwwwwned, that was great
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    hello, miscellaneous forum.
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    Hi, right back at ya! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    EXCELLENT Guibo. Nicely done
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    Get the hell off my lawn!
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    ahahhaah you think you owned me? you think im that stupid? AHahahAHAHah mannnnnnn you have another thing comming i was just having fun with you lol dumb ass mother#$%#s
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    "you think im that stupid?"

    Uh, you really want me to answer that? I think you've PROVEN how stupid you are already.

    Why not just admit that you tried to deceive us, and apologize? BTW, there's no disrespect meant for you based on the automobile you (supposedly) own. NSX's are fine automobiles. No, the real problem is your attitude.
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    i have nothing to apologize for, ive had some outstanding input on some serious issues on this site and at the same time had a lot of fun, it doesnt really matter what car i do own...which happens to be an NSX which absolutely does not matter
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    Can you prove it? I mean, really prove it? How about a picture of you in the cockpit, driving it. With your middle finger raised at the camera? And then a similar picture (with your finger) next to the engine with its cover open?

    Why would you use the dyno charts from someone else's car? Isn't that deception? A simple "yes" or "no", thanks.
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    Guibo i really appreciate the fact that you are putting so much effort into this; however, i must also admit that it is entirely PATHETIC that someone has such a pathetic life to go online and have such a weird dispute, i guess what you have a tough time graspin is the fact that what car i DO drive has absolutely NO PENDING on my opinions, knowledge, OR THE WORLD AS A WHOLE. i could be driving a 1972 ford pento and it would not change the fact that Kenya is a third world country, do you understand what im saying? me taking a picture of my nutsack laying on the right tailpipe of my car will not matter, it makes no difference... but really a valliant effort
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    Really. What's so hard about taking a few shots for us? If you can afford an NSX, surely you can afford a measly $300 digital camera, no? The sooner you get the pics, the sooner we can put this to rest.

    Haha, you bring up the fact that you (allegedly) own an NSX and romp on Corvettes at the autocross. Was this not designed to add credibility to your theory that Corvettes are subpar? And now you want to downplay it, when you've been shown to be a liar? LMAO!

    I'm not asking for a pic of your nutsack on your tailpipe. I'm asking for pics that would prove the car you claim to be yours is in fact yours.

    And since you have a hard time answering direct questions, I'll ask again:
    Why would you use the dyno charts from someone else's car? Isn't that deception? A simple "yes" or "no", thanks.
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    LOL and just when I read someone saying that the all-mighty Guibo is one of the only Supercar Messiah to have gotten the title without posting useless threads<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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    I asked him about his car in two other threads. No response. I sent him a PM. No response. What should I do? Take him at his word that he indeed owns such a car? As shown here, that would be a mistake.
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    Let's set things straight:
    You both have nothing better to do. Who cares if Waytoofastwhatever has an NSX, he's rich and the rest of us aren't. Sure, he could be an ass like "I AM RICH" but just ignore those corrupted people and don't respond to their useless posts. GEt over it.
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    Do you really care if he's got an NSX? A simple "yes" or "no" would suffice. Middle finger? or middle finger print? Give it a rest.
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    Yes, I do care, and here's why:
    One cannot point to the "fact" that the NSX is better than a Corvette, based on the "fact" that he "owns" an NSX, now can he? It might actually make some sense if he's owned the NSX, or even both (the NSX and the Corvette). Simple fact remains that he's owned neither.
    I try to present my views on cars based on what I know, based on what I've read. And I do it w/o resorting to fanciful tales of exoticar ownership. Is that too much to expect of others?

    One guy says the NSX is better. Based on what? He owns one.
    Another guy says the Corvette is better. Based on what? He owns one.

    To what can we say about this? Right. Nothing. Stalemate.
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    meh . . . who cares. maybe he is a lier but you dont talk to him everyday so just ignore all of his posts or give him a bad rating. or you guys could meet up somewhere and beat the shit out of each other until someone wins this stupid dispute. i can see both of the sides, but maybe he spent all of his money on his so called "car" and he cant afford a camera. or maybe he has the car but doesnt give a shit what you think. It really doesnt matter. I mean i dont care whether you think i own an integra or not because i know i do. thats because i dont know you and therefore what you think is irrelevant.
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    There are multiple reasons why it is relevant that we know what car he drives.
    1) He is using his statement that he owns an NSX to support his opinion (NOT a fact) that the NSX is a better car than the Vette. It would be helpful to know if he actually does own an NSX, to see if any of his statements should be given any credibility
    2) The reason we care what car he owns and not what car you own is because you aren't using your ownership of another car as a fact in an argument. If you were, and it was important, I'm sure someone would be asking for pictures of your car as well.

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