Audi RS6 to develop 571bhp?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by TripleSix, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. I want an E36* M3 SMG. Probably not as agood as the manual, but who cares?

    or any M3, they all kick ass.
  2. Yea. Some reviewers said they liked it better than the manual, others didn't... But as you said who cares? I'd be cool to have an SMG just because they're somewhat uncommon compared to a normal manual.

    SEE PB, this is why you should move to America. In America you could literally be working any number of mediocre jobs and buy an E36 M3 within like a year or 2 if you felt so inclined. You're not an actual dirty South American, you're a wop! You don't belong there. You should just move here illegally and screw the government out of their taxes by working an under the table job and buy an M3. I'd rather have you here than all the damn Mexicans.
  3. What's up with all this whining for fairly mediocre-looking BMW's? First it was non-M3 E30's looking "manly" (LOL!) and now sudden affection for E36's. E36's were fairly boring-looking at worst, mildy handsome if really unremarkable at best. Their saving grace was the slim design, the headlights under (plexi) glass, and...well, that's about it. A kid with a straight-edge could've designed it. Granted, it'd be a slightly older kid than the one that "designed" the E30...
  4. I've never really been a fan of the E36 to be honest.. though really like the E21, E30 and first-phase E46. I'd kill for a CSL? Likely.
  5. You mean if the RS6 is going to use semi-R-tires like the Rs4?
  6. Audi didnt find the secret formula how to build light cars?
  7. Has anyone noticed, that it looks very much like the Veyron in that photo...
  8. I've always liked the E36. Cars don't have to be super exciting looking for someone to like them. That said I do like the E46 better.
  9. Cocaine is a hell of a drug
  10. that because they both have the VAG(ina) face
  11. And no one (in this thread) said anything to the contrary. I like the E30 and E36.
    Then I'd be interested to know what is so compellingly bad about the new 5, if it's not looks we're talking about; considering the comments that immediately followed about the look of the E36 ("it actually looks good"), it seems that appearance is then the overriding concern.
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  15. Que?

    (note I don't actually speak Spanish, so respond in a civilized language like... English for example.)
  16. I dunno. I just don't like the new BMWs that much. I especially hate the rears, the fronts have grown on me a good bit... but the asses fail IMO. And of course exterior appearance is an important factor. The way I see it you can get just about any level of appearance out of just about any car you feel like spending the money on. Sooo you might as well pick one that looks good!
  17. thats alot of power compared to the competition
  18. yeah, the RS6 being tiptronic really did make it a bore, the only thing that made it possible for the twin turbo RS6 to beat the M5 in the Car and Driver test several years back was its "bull-dog like grip"
  19. yes, a manual transmission would be more fun, but it would have an insane amount of torque, which could be handled better with a Tiptronic, imo.
    but I would have preferred a DSG style gearbox... who knows

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