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  1. Audio monitor question... I wanna try to create a specific arrangement with my computer/DAW and I'm looking for the hardware to do it. I have 2 audio sources that are outputting in phono/trs - computer and digital piano. I have 3 things on which to listen to them - monitors, computer speakers and headphones. I'd like to create a scenario where I can listen to either one or both of the sources on any of the output methods. Essentially I'm trying to create 3 separate mixes from 2 sources and be able to assign anything to anything.

    Failing that, I guess I'd just send both inputs to all three outputs, but I'd prefer the more complicated scenario of being able to, for example, send computer audio to the computer speakers, piano audio to the monitors, and have them both mixed together in the headphones. Then on a whim change the computer speakers to play both sources to the computer speakers but still only have the piano on the monitors. Monitor stations are pretty common in music production, I think this is matrix monitoring but I don't know what bits I need.
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    This is the closest thing I've found so far that doesn't cost many hundreds of dollars. The only drawback is that despite having 3 ins and 3 outs, there is only one mix. You may be able to turn on whichever inputs you desire and then turn on whichever outputs you desire, but there is no way to direct specific inputs to specific outputs simultaneously. What is playing on output 1 is also playing on output 2 and output 3. This will probably be my fallback.

    Another way to look at this is that each of the "outputs" is a "musician", and I want to be able to give each musician his own mix during tracking.

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