Audi's first supercar

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    It might look like a Lamborghini Gallardo, but beneath the bodywork of this prototype sit the components for Audi’s upcoming Le Mans supercar. Codenamed AU714, the new two-seater should arrive in September 2006, prior to going on sale in the UK early in 2007. The price is tipped to start at around £68,000, and eventually extend to £85,000 for a Porsche 911 Turbo-chasing 5.2-litre V10 model due in 2008.

    As these exclusive photographs taken at the Nürburgring circuit in Germany reveal, the Le Mans is based heavily on the Gallardo. Among the key components shared by both cars are the aluminium spaceframe, high-tensile steel floorpan, lightweight wiring loom, brake system and intricate double wishbone suspension. However, Audi sources say
    a series of changes, including unique engines and electromagnetic dampers, will provide the Le Mans with a ‘vastly different character’ to the Gallardo’s.

    The production version of Ingolstadt’s new performance flagship will ditch the aggressive look of Sant’Agata’s entry-level model for a more harmoniously styled
    aluminium bodyshell similar to that seen on the Le Mans concept car from last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

    Audi is working on two naturally aspirated powerplants to replace the show car’s 610bhp twin-turbocharged 5.0-litre V10. Early models are likely to receive an updated version
    of the German car maker’s 4.2-litre V8. With direct injection and a raft of internal tweaks aimed at lowering reciprocating masses, the new engine is said to push out a gutsy 425bhp (up from 339bhp in the S4).

    Also under development at the company’s Quattro GmbH facilities is a brand-new
    40-valve 5.2-litre V10 engine. Unrelated to the 5.0-litre V10 in the Gallardo, it uses the same 88mm cylinder spacing and compact chain-drive system as Audi’s existing 90-degree V8.

    The target output for the new engine is 520bhp – a solid 100bhp more than today’s Porsche 911 Turbo. Power will be sent to all four wheels via a second-generation DSG (dual-clutch) gearbox, re-engineered to handle the Le Mans’ high torque loads and provide even faster shifts. But although the new gearbox is virtually complete, Autocar’s sources say Audi board members are undecided over whether to go with a six-speed arrangement or an even more complex seven-speeder in a bid to match BMW’s new seven-speed SMG (Sequential Manual Transmission), as fitted to the new M5.

    Along with new driveline, Audi is also preparing a new active-damping system for
    the Le Mans. Dubbed Magnesport, it uses electromagnetic impulses to continuously alter the viscosity of the oil in the dampers, allowing for both Sporting and Comfort modes.

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  2. I know bout this car since like a year...though not the details of when it was to be launched n all...

    anyways, thanks zahn!
  3. i'm sure it will be very, very good. But it will be typical audi. ie, yawn.

    Audi make great cars, but they are so typicly german. Over enginered, incredibly efficent, very fast, perfect quality, but in the end, souless and boring. BMW seem to be the only german carmaker who aren't like this. give me an M3 of a new V8 S4 any day (or anything from AMG for that matter. i don't care which is faster

    Oh well, except for porsche of course! But they only make sportscars, so thats a bit different.

    even lambo's are becoming a bit sanitized these days nwo that audi own them. Sure, their faster than ever, but their too german now! They start first go, dont have blindspots, and are actually nice to drive. driving a lambo is supposed to be like riding a bull that caught its nuts on an electiric fence, not riding a well trained race horse.
  4. You speak the truth.
  5. Audi = Quattro = Yawn = Boring = Gay

    Lambo = Audi = Quattro = Yawn = Boring = Gay
  6. your just saying that about lambos because the gallardo walked all over the 360. but i agree - i would take an M3 over an S4 any day. i also find it hard to beleive that they would develop an all new V10, which will be in a limited number of models anyway, when they have lambos one already.
  7. Makes sense to me, they want to keep the Lamborghini range exclusive, and using the same engine for Audi models definitely wouldn't help that.
  8. 360 is only somewhat comparable to the Gallardo.

    The 360 has far inferior HP to the Gallardo, lacking
    A base 360 Modena has 395-400BHP. A 360 CS has 425BHP. A Gallardo has 500BHP. So there's quite a power difference.

    Gallardo is a bit fatter than both 360's, but the extra 75-100BHP makes a big difference.

    Also, it's not as though the Gallardo completely destroyed a 360 on the track.

    But the real maker of the two is going to be the two NEW models vs. one another.

    The Ferrari F430 vs the Lamborghini Gallardo.
    A F430 has 483BHP and weighs a little less than a Gallardo. In terms of handling and track performance I'm fairly positive the F430 will be superior.

    I'll give the Gallardo the 360 win. But I'll be placing my bets on the F430 when it's compared to the Gallardo.

    And who knows how interesting it will be if Ferrari decides to develop a F430 Challenge Stradale.

    As for the looks like something out of that movie with Will Smith: I, Robot.
  9. Just take a look at the Nurburgring and Hockenheim track times in the car comparison forum, on both tracks the Gallardo was faster than the 360, even the CS.

    The F430 was not tested so far but will have to struggle and show some big improvements to become as competitive as the Gallardo which also was faster than his big brother the Murcielago.
  10. the gallardo is old compared to the 430, same as the 360 with the gallardo. when lambo will release new model, the ferrari will be ollder.. guys, u have to compare the current cars in production, if they are in the same category, no one cares about which one is newer or has more power, they are direct rivals, same as the current 996 turbo. currently, performance wise the 430 is superior, but if we compare the gallardo to the 360, we know which car is faster.

    dont forget lambo will release an upgraded model of the gallardo. we have to enjoy the competition.

    btw, keep ur eyes on the new 997 turbo, i alwys belive the 911 turbo is the car to beat in this category.
  11. "dont forget lambo will release an upgraded model of the gallardo. we have to enjoy the competition."

  12. this is my point.
  13. yeh all right................. have you ever driven an Audi? or a Lamborghini
  14. #$%#ing moron............. the Cayenne is barely a sports car, and I highly doubt this is your own opinion, you must have just watched top gear b/c thats the exact same thing clarkson said

    as for panda, I already knew he hates Audi and Lamborghini (since the Gallardo trampled the 360 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>)
  15. ...are you serious?
    It looks like the car from I,Robot because that car the audi RSQ concept is based off of the Audi Lemans Quattro supercar.
  16. Italy = Fiat = Ferrari = Even #$%#ing Gayer.
  17. 355=great

    so I somewhat agree. Lambo is still better <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  18. I thought you hated the 430 as well
  19. i hate everything
  20. a very nice car, I like the styling
  21. S4 = Audi
  22. "And who knows how interesting it will be if Ferrari decides to develop a F430 Challenge Stradale"
    And who knows how interesting it will be that The Lamborghini is developin a new version of The Gallardo
  23. So-so essentially means it is acceptable but I dont want to look at it. In the context of it being Ferrari, it is horrible. If it were another brand with lower expectations, it wouldnt be that bad. But this is Ferrari and I expect them to make something more unique and exciting.

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