Audi's Redoing This Car?

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  1. I've heard now from more than one person that Audi is makin' a car just like this one. I don't know if it's supposed to be better or worse, but I'm definitely curious. When asking one of my sources (my friend) how/why they were making one just like this car, he told me that VW owns Audi which owns Bugatti. I knew that VW owned Bugatti, but I definitely didn't know that VW also owned Audi, and that Audi owned Bugatti. Anyways, if any of you guys have any more information on that car, then maybe I could get some closure, thanks.
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    audi made the Project Rosemeyer concept, which was basically this exact car with a different body and without the turbochargers, but it was never inteneded for production (just like the Bentley Hunaudieres, actually)

    Audi r going to make a supercar called the RSR in a few years time based on the new small lamborghini, whom VW also own

    it'll be mid-engined, 4WD and have a 5-litre V10 with about 500hp

    a de-tuned version of this engine will be put in the next-gen Audi S6 to rival the next-gen V10 M5

    and the Murcielago will be upgraded in maybe 2004 with power in the 610hp range and lower weight, possibly called the SV
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    Volkswagen AG owns Volkswagen (of course)
    Volkswagen AG owns Seat
    Volkswagen AG owns Bugatti
    Volkswagen AG owns Rolls Royce
    Volkswagen AG owns Bentley
    Volkswagen AG owns Audi
    Volkswagen AG owns Skoda
    Volkswagen AG owns Lamborghini

    (yes, i know Audi actually owns Lamborghini etc., but VW owns them all)
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    nope they dont own Porsche, not by a long way

    and BMW take over Rolls-Royce in a couple of months
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    Thank you for correcting him. Just because the EARLIEST Porsches were built with modified Volkswagen engines, and because VW and Porsche have collaborated on a few projects, doesn't mean that Porsche is owned by VW. They have always been separate companies.
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    Yeah, sorry about that Porsche... Don't know what i was thinking! (removed it now :) I heard about BMW buying RR, but isn't Ford planning on buying BMW?
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    I didn't hear about that. Ford tried to buy Ferrari once upon a time. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Ford are in no position to buy BMW, Ford as a company are struggling, they dont have the stability right now to be spending 10s of Billions of $, theyve got Jaguar anyway
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    Right, that rumor is two years old I think. Maybe BMW should buy Ford? Haha...
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    Bad idea.
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    Ford might actually start selling some of their companies to save the company from recession. I read up there that Ford tried buying Ferrari once. That's true: they tried in 1966, but Enzo turned them down. Ford got really mad and tried to humiliate them in Formula 1, but they were in turn humiliated by Ferrari's amazing supremacy in the sport. In 1969, Fiat bought 60% of Ferrari.
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    Ford ruined Jag, I hope to god they don't get their hands on Ferrari, Porsche, or any other company with a respectable name. The x-type is a disgrace to the Jag name.. Jaguar's were never meant to be affordable, they were supposed to be classy cars that not everyone had. Please, if you see an x-type on the road.. do the world a favor and run it off a bridge into a river, it's the only way that the Jaguar name can be saved
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    I had read somewhere that because VW was always thought to make girly cars (the beetle for instance) that they had started porche. Which would mean that they like half owned it or something wouldn't it? But I'm most likely wrong as I never really payed any attention to VW until they bought Bugatti. But come on.. I'm getting sick of the EB110 die cast cars on my favorites shelf.. They need to release the Veyron so that I can get one of those to go next to it.
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    umm Ford is very hands-off with Jaguar. The engineers at Jag are still free to do as they please, they just have to get a certain amount of approval from Ford.So if you're mad at anybody about the X type, be mad at Jag, cause they designed it, not Ford.
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    audi is redoing this its called the rsr, its cool but nothing can replace a true bugatti. its slower than the bugatti anyway.
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    No thats a Lye. Audi is no remaking this car, that is just a rumor that people start. Also to whoever said they were sick of the EB110 is dumb. The EB110 isn't even made by bugatti anymore. Bugatti sold the rights to the EB110 to Dauer. I also thought some people might like to look at some designs being thrown around for Bugatti.
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    its not a #$%#in rumor i hav a pic of it in my road and track mag it exists. its red with 500hp w12 engine and is coming out in 2004 its called the audi rsr

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