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Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 SV300' started by biggruss, Aug 9, 2002.

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    well done, you sir, are a waste of humanity<!-- Signature -->
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    Who knows haw to upload cars here?
    Tell me all about it.

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    read the 5th reply by me in : Yank tank with a lion logo on it...
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    Corvette engine + commodore chassis that will actually handle = sv300
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    i read it, and i have a few things to say about it, firstly its the sixth reply, shows the lack of your intelligence. Seccond, why would anyone buy a 7.8 L V8 for $245k when a Merc SL55 is about the same price and would perform better with the AMG 5.5L V8 (which just happens to be engine of the year). WOW, another HSV with shite red and black leather, whoopy. This car will fair to compete internationally against the already established anjd lucrative market hold that Merc and BMW already have over the international markets in this class of car.. Especailly at the price, O/S this'll cost over $300k after tarrifs and believe me, no Holden is worth that. 490kw or not. If Holden are aiming to create the next "Supercar" then they are way off and never have a chance of producing a supercar when cars like the Enzo, Veyron, SLR are being brought out by much more respectable companies that have already proved themselves in this class. If and when this V8 digital is brought out, how many ppl do you think would A) be able to afford this and B) choose this over a Merc or BMW which are bringing out better cars ie. BMW bringin out the V10 M5 towards the 4th Q of the year. which will be about the same price as this "V8 Digital". I don't know about you but i know which car i would rather have.
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    and u are not?
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    its lucky we don't have an FTA with any of these countries becuase it would be all over, red rover for the australian auto industry if we did
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    exactly, maybe not holden as they are subsidary of GM which could afford to keep them here, so can ford, but Toyota and Mitsubishi will deffinatley go, last year Mitsubishi were considering to shut down their Adelaide opperations as it was, this was without a free trade agreement. ppl tell me that economics is all good in theory and not to bring it in here (FranksterGMp), ie. comparative advantage, look it up if u don't know what it is, but it is very relavant here, becasue if a free trade agreement were to be implemented with say japan, then Toyota and mitsu would leave and import cars here instead of make them here

    Large impact.
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    none of the local manufacturers will shut down anytime soon. and holden dont need gm to keep them alive, they are one of the most profitable car companies per car in the world. and gm have got quite a nice cheque back from them every year for the last 5
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    u know why GMH is one of the most profitable car companies in the world. Because they have an entire country that loves them (this does not say anything about the quality of the car, yet more about the herd mentality of our country). Not every car has such a huge following in one country as Holden do.
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    People don't like cars for the sake of it. There is a reason why people like cars.

    From a business point of view GMH make quality cars - they are obviously making what people want and doing things where it counts.
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    Fair comment
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    they are so profitable because they make cars desirable and good enough for people to want to buy but can produce them very cheaply so they are stil affordable for the average person
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    ok, take for example the V8 supercars. Do people follow holdens cause they think that they are faster and better than fords when in fact the gap between holden and ford is so small that its all left up to the drivers and the teams. Or do people follow holdens casue they are popular. If mark skaife went to a Ford Team, would people change from holden to ford or just call him a traitor like they did with craig lowndes and say that skaife would not win casue he was driving a ford. Ignorance is bliss hey
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    people follow the brand not the driver, if skaife went to ford he would be a traitor. it does have a lot to do with the cars, thats why the au was never competitive and why ford won this year after the introduction of project blueprint. most people somewhere early in life gro wan allegiance to one of them and they dont tend to swap

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