Autozeitung drove the Ferrari 250 GTO

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    2 valves per cylinder
    six Weber 38DCN double carburators
    2,953 ccm
    PS/kW: 300/221 at 7,000 rpm
    290 Nm at 5,500 rpm
    5-speed manual
    Vmax 285 km/h

    lenght/width/height: 4,320/1,600/1,210 mm
    wheelbase: 2,400 mm

    years of procduction: 162-1964
    only 39 ever made (incl. 330 GTO)
    market value: 15,000,000 EUR

  2. The Czazy-GTO car was sold by Auto Becker, Dusseldorf to a German Ferrari fan. Around ten years later, the architect and investor Hartmut Ibing bought the ailing race car just for the price of an Mercedes S-Class. The small, red car belongs to him until today, and that this GTO is an exception. Because there are only four more of a total of 39 copies built, so long as an owner remained. Most were at the time of the Ferrari hysteria around 20 years at least once sold or auctioned off - at prices of up to 14 million U.S. Dollars.

    The author had this GTO at his dispoasle for just an hour as the owner hardly could be seperated from his red jewel.

    "It is as I lead a used Alfa Bertone before the sale for trial. In any event, the interior of the Ferrari racing clear around the barren as a contemporary Alfa. But perhaps lies in the fact the charm of this so incredibly expensive over-Ferrari. He is a simple animal, so basic and functional like a wheel loaders. Only faster. Gray painted aluminum plates dominate the passenger compartment as well as gray steel pipes, which welds Romanesque much enthusiasm betrayed. Blue bucket seats, the so simple and inexpensive look that you almost believe those rumors, saying the GTO seat covers are from time and cost reasons the work coat material of the Ferrari workers at thah time. The instrument panel is black, the dials tell only important as speed, oil pressure, oil temperature, pressure or gasoline. A dashboard is missing.

    It fits well in the working-coat pan. The engine noise in the idle so loud that the photographer standing next to it had to shourt at me. First course left behind, a little gas, the clutch can not grind, the million Dollar Ferrari rolls off. By double-clutching and short gas in between, interlinked gear wheels switch silently. From about 4,000 rpm the 12-cylinder pushes it right. At 7,000 rpm, the next course has to be selected but at 5,000 in fifth gear I took the foot off the gas. Probably I am deaf now, also no more feelings in the strangely placed on the throttle foot. The disc brakes show only some effect when putting some hughe effort on them, the and clutch and steering require more force than in other sports cars from the era.

    Even though the GTO sweeps so relaxed and neutral to curves like a modern sports car, slips slightly above all four Dunlop racing tires at higher speeds and swings, when pushing the throttle carefully over-the tail outward. I could get used to. Does nothing, I have to turn the Ferrari off. Finally, I was not in the bank. And it is questionable whether a GTO Lia would have impressed more than my odd, camel brown Renault R4 Safari.
    Heinrich Lingner." - Heinrich Lingner
  3. more pics:
  4. THE Sexiest Car Of All Time
  5. PASSION and all but EXTREMELY overrated
  6. thats an understatement
  7. Holy shit, awesome pics. When I saw one like that on the back of a trailer, probably coming from a track day/race or something, my heart skipped a beat. They look amazing.
  8. As much as i love them, id get a 250 LM over a GTO.
  9. ... for a 10th of that price!
  10. yes but the GTO is 10 times more beautiful than LM
  11. Rad Pics, thanks Axel
  12. 250TR then
  13. wrong
  14. In your dreams, my friend; the last sale of a GTO (as far as I know) went for 10,6$ (2004, s/n 3223)
    The last 250 LM sold last month for 4.5€ (s/n 5845)

    And for those who read this; despite the fact that I know this (including chassis numbers) doesn't mean I don't lead a healthy social life <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  15. there are quite a few 250's that I'd take over the GTO in a heartbeat. But yeah, it's an amazing car <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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