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  1. were any of these shipped to North America?

    Are they still in production?

    and thirdly... Where can I get one?

    Oh yeah, the Viper was not the original appearance of the long hood, short deck look. It's just the only car with an 8litre V10 truck engine. A whopping 57hp per litre. The Mantis GT3's Mustang 5.0L engine cranks out 460hp. So does Callaway's Supernatural 5.7L LS6.

    As I think has been said before, elsewhere, the Viper is a "modern interpretation" of the Shelby Cobra racing coupe. The Viper is the rip-off.

    Incidentally, the Viper is NOTHING like the roadster it pays homage to. It is a 3500lb monster, which is comparativley underpowered.
    The Cobra was basically a little British roadster, that had a high-powered American engine dropped in it. (like this little Mantis)

    I'll grab a Marcos with it's enormous bhp/tonne.
    (but I like TVR's style, just cuz they make their own engines)

    Then there's the little things... like handstitched leather everything. Or the fact that they're hand-built, so you can maybe ask for something that isn't on the options list. (and a tiny list that is, where the VIper is concerned)
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    Re: availability

    I think I got the last one ever built. Rory MacMath from Marcos Heritage has taken over looking after these cars. He might be able to find one for sale, but they're very rare. See www.marcoscar.com
  3. Re: availability

    All true paganirules people keep saying that Marcos copied the Viper but they know jack because how old is the Mantula like 15 years or more the Mantula was on the road even before the Viper concept made.

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