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  1. were any of these shipped to North America?

    Are they still in production?

    and thirdly... Where can I get one?

    Oh yeah, the Viper was not the original appearance of the long hood, short deck look. It's just the only car with an 8litre V10 truck engine. A whopping 57hp per litre. The Mantis GT3's Mustang 5.0L engine cranks out 460hp. So does Callaway's Supernatural 5.7L LS6.

    As I think has been said before, elsewhere, the Viper is a "modern interpretation" of the Shelby Cobra racing coupe. The Viper is the rip-off.

    Incidentally, the Viper is NOTHING like the roadster it pays homage to. It is a 3500lb monster, which is comparativley underpowered.
    The Cobra was basically a little British roadster, that had a high-powered American engine dropped in it. (like this little Mantis)

    I'll grab a Marcos with it's enormous bhp/tonne.
    (but I like TVR's style, just cuz they make their own engines)

    Then there's the little things... like handstitched leather everything. Or the fact that they're hand-built, so you can maybe ask for something that isn't on the options list. (and a tiny list that is, where the VIper is concerned)

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