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Discussion in '2005 Edo MC12 R' started by Demigod555, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Looks good and goes like stink. It'll be interesting to see how it changes over time.

    Is this a car done for a customer, or is this Edo's personal car?
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  4. This vs FXX

  5. 229 MPH!

    Well I dont know the FXX's top speed,
    But do u think it can beat this(229 MPH)?
  6. 229 MPH!

    top speed dont mean that much, but with the power of fxx, it should
  7. 229 MPH!

    Enzo is only 214 mph depending on the gear ratios,
    242 mph could be posiible with the same gear ratios as the Enzo
  8. 229 MPH!

    i heard enzo could do 225 mph with its standard gear ratios

    its been tested at 217.5 mph by the factory
  9. 229 MPH!

    it might just pull it off.
  10. 229 MPH!

    well its got 150 more horse power than the standerd enzo and is more lighter so i reckon it can
  11. 229 MPH!

    Except for that weight (mass) has no influence on top speed..
  12. 229 MPH!

    the fxx has no transmision mod and drivetrain is not made for more hp that normal enzo anyways, edo took care of that jazz though
  13. 229 MPH!

    This is faster,Ferrari has stated the FXX has roughly the same top speed as the Enzo but preforms way better in all other catagories.
  14. It's done for a Russian customer.

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