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    neither are my favorite of carsa but im hoping to get a Z3 in the future.

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    Like it

    This cars crap. Face thye truth.

    "To be is not to not to be, and To not be is to be"
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    And that is the proof I needed to show everyone that you are a dumbass. Thanks.
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    SLK 230 with Kompressor.
    The Z3 was made in the image of a woman, it has never been a good car and it is favourable with absolutely nobody in the motoring world.
    BMW don't make mistakes often, but you are looking at one of the few currently.
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    the slk230 cuz it looks so much better then the z3.
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    save urself the time and stay away from this POS
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    Yeah! Like you're really going to get your hands on one of those - stop dreaming pal.Most people stay in the real world and drive real affordable cars - you obviously spend a lot of time in video arcades or in bed!!!
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    Does the kompressor engine wear out quicker than a normal one. Just bought a 3.0 litre z3 and nearly opted for the slk but the engine looked a bit worn out under the bonnet compared to the bimmer's which looks like you'd expect in a brand new car(even though it's 3 year old). As you can tell I know next to nothing about engines but my last car was 3.6 litres(993) and I was a bit unsure of such a small engine as the 2.3?
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    no i dont think this car is unaffordable.. at all.. i see these things on the road all the time... they just got a bigger engine then the regular one and they are still slow and still ugly...
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    The Kompressor in the 230 runs around half a bar, so it really does very little engine damage.
    Infact it does no more damage than a high revving engine, i.e. the 8000rpm redline on the M3.
    Both Mercedes and BMW make reliable engines though and I have seen in both Mercedes and BMW engines that are so reliable they click over with very little having to be done to them.
    I personally prefer the SLKs due to the fact they have more torque and feel a little more motivated to go.
    However I personally wouldn't like to have a car from this sector.
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    This thing looks like a PRAM!!!
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    Z3. SLK 230 looks like a girls car and hardly any men bought it.
  13. This is the kind of car you would use after you robbed a bank in a big crowded city. Small, fast and fun!
    Until you got smashed up by a big cop car. #$%#ing cops....

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