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  1. First car in a long line of great Turbos! The Germans never made the autobahn for nothing.<!-- Signature -->
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    They made it for MB's, BMW's and Audi's too ;)<!-- Signature -->
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    German Engineering at its best.
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    Yeah, the 930 body design in gorgeous.
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    I like the Turbo versions best.
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    Not that im one to complain, this is truley an awsome car, just has anyone ever drivin one? Its like counting minutes before the turbo-lag wears off. seriously annoying. i droe my mates one once, and got fastly angry, but handling was gob smacking . . .
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    This is one of many great Porsches built. It would be a close competition between this and the 1973 Carrera 2.7 RS
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    It depends on were you drive it. On autobahn this probably win but on a track I think the RS would win, cause it was built more of a drivers car and reducing weight rather than adding power. The Turbo was rather a fast GT car.
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    the germans were ever really great fans of mine but they do know how to make a good car the 911 turbo has been my dream car since i was old enough to walk over this summer i got to drive one and man that was like a dream come true going that fast in the desert was so awesome im buying one soon it is going to beat up so im only paying 75,000 not bad if i say so myself i just hope i can remake the thing so that i can blow away my dads charger lol

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