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  2. Looks good. Did they post the weight of it on the forums? I didn't see it. It seems like an ultra-light trial bike or something.

  3. Less than 125lbs or 56 kilos!

  4. That's simply ridiculous and I love it.
  5. like your avatar
  6. I just looked at the specs on some of Gas Gas trial bikes, and they average around 68kg. Those guys bunny hop and toss those around like nothing, so I can't imagine riding this.
  7. These are the kind of bikes it reminds me of. It's amazing the stuff people climb with these
  8. Thats awesome, would be fun as hell to ride around on

  9. Judging from the geometry comparison I think that this little devil is not trial oriented, it's more like an on-off road fun machine.

    Trial bikes are essentially competition bikes without saddles and this is still lighter-nimbler!

    It should be a blast to ride anywhere, imagine filtering around traffic on that in a city centre!

    I would be damn proud to conceive/built something like that.

  10. I've always wanted to get some tix and go see one of those competitions. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAYYYYYYY
  11. I got to see one in the woods. It's insane what they can do on those bikes, and took keep score it is basically whoever puts their foot down the least amount of times. Some people will go through the whole course putting their foot down only 2 or 3 times. They can basically bunny hop around trees and do whatever they want on them.
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